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Advice The Power of Asking for Help Greetings. As I’ve been speaking these days about Breakdown, Breakthrough with other authors, I’ve been truly awed by their generosity, openness, and support for this new author.  These open-hearted men and women around the country have given freely of... Read More
Uncategorized Welcome to the New Ellia Blog! Greetings and welcome to the new Breakdown, Breakthrough Blog! This serves as a forum for discussion, insights, and exploration for all individuals wishing to get unstuck from their current situations, and break through to passion, power, and purpose in... Read More
Uncategorized 3 Questions That Help You Move In thinking about your life, have you ever been completely stuck in a situation, not knowing what next step to take? Or have you found yourself ruminating about something, going around and around about it, without finding a way... Read More
Wake Up Calls Are You Having a Wake-Up Call? What is true crisis in our work lives? How can we tell we’re heading into crisis, versus simply going through a really bad time? What are the signs of breakdown? As defined in the Webster’s dictionary, a “crisis” is:... Read More
Uncategorized Breakdown, Breakthrough In working on my book intensively these past few months, I’ve been acutely aware of something surprising. As many of you know, I’m writing about the typical crises professional women face today (12 crises of disempowerment, to be exact),... Read More
Yes I Can Thinking Revising “Small” Thinking In developing my book I Can’t Do This, I’ve needed to analyze more critically the internal process I use in coaching and therapy to help clients gain empowerment and move down a path of expansion rather than diminishment and... Read More