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How I Help

Are you a mid- to high-level professional woman longing for more, better, or different in your career and role? You’re not alone. Thousands of the women I’ve worked with across 26 countries and 6 continents have felt the same, awakening to the realization that something important has to shift in how they are working, who they are working with, and the outcomes they’re focused on. 

You’re in the right place if you are: 

  • Longing for a more meaningful and purposeful career
  • Ready to step up to greater financial success, authority, and power
  • Experiencing success now but want to reach the next level and your highest, most thrilling potential
  • Contemplating going into business for yourself and need some guidance
  • Desiring to use more of your natural talents and skills
  • Needing greater work-life balance and control over your time
  • Clear that what you are doing isn’t right for you, but are unsure of what is
  • Sure that you’re meant for “bigger” things

7 out of 10 working women are facing a major crossroads in their lives, and over half don’t know what to do about it. And 98% of professional women are experiencing at least one of the 7 most damaging power gaps that block them achieving from their most thrilling visions and goals. 

But you CAN achieve breakthrough – in your career, relationships, and in yourself — to create life and work as you truly want it.


What I Do:

For working women who want to shift to doing more of what they love with greater success and reward, I provide top-level career coaching and leadership/executive consulting, workshops, courses and resources that help women achieve breakthrough to work as they truly want to.

Unlike other career coaching support, my work draws on my 18 years in corporate life, culminating in a VP role overseeing large marketing and product management initiatives, plus training and work as a marriage and family therapist working with families, couples and children, PLUS 16 years of coaching women internationally. My focus is on helping women take both the inner and outer steps required to bring about the success you long for most. I am also dedicated to helping employers and leaders transform their work cultures so they may support women and men equally to reach their highest potential.

Working with me, you’ll be able to see and remove blocks to your success, and gain self-mastery, confidence, self-esteem, impact and success on your terms, to redirect your career and business to achieve more passion, power, and profits — and joy.

I offer individual private career consulting, group coaching/training, online training & teleclasses, and Corporate/Leadership Training.

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The Outcome:

You’ll be guided in learning the most essential information and steps to “dig deep, discover your right work, and illuminate the world with it.” And you’ll experience breakthrough in how you see yourself, communicate, ask for what you deserve and want, connect with a powerful support network to elevate your career, leverage your great talents and skills in more exciting ways, and heal and move beyond past challenges that continue to negatively impact you.

These types of breakthrough transform you and catapult you to a new, exciting professional level –  giving you new access to power and clarity to reclaim the direction of your business and career, and work with joy, reward and success on terms that are authentic and meaningful to you.

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