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Jumpstart Your Job Search Success and Land Your Dream Job

Delivered by Kathy Caprino, M.A. – internationally-recognized career/executive/leadership coach, writer, TEDx and international speaker, and author of Breakdown, Breakthrough

Are you struggling in the process of searching for a great new job that will allow you to use your natural talents and well-honed skills, and generate the respect, pride and excitement you dream of in your work?

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions below, this “jumpstart” program is for you:

  • You have been interviewing a great deal but aren’t advancing in the hiring process
  • You’ve been applying to many jobs online but aren’t hearing back on any of them
  • You are having a difficult time building a narrative that ties together all you’ve done
  • You left your last role or career in a way that you’re uncomfortable talking about
  • You struggle to be able to articulate and demonstrate what you’re great at
  • Your confidence has taken a big hit in this process of trying to land a great new job

It’s time to do things differently and land your dream job!

Learn how with Kathy in this unique “jumpstart” accelerator for your job search process.

In this two-session focused job search coaching program, career and LinkedIn expert and international career/executive/leadership coach Kathy Caprino, M.A., teaches you how to take the most essential steps to stop spinning your wheels applying online and start interviewing and networking more powerfully to help open new opportunities and door that would otherwise be closed.

With over 911,000 LinkedIn followers and 32+ million views on her Forbes blog “Career Bliss,” and as a top media expert on career growth, Kathy has learned key digital networking, communication and interviewing strategies that will infuse new power and excitement into your search process. In this program, she’ll critique your current job search materials and processes, and share how to shift them powerfully and use all the tools available to you to present yourself at the highest level. She’ll share with you ways to improve your professional presence so you’ll stand out from the competition, attract new colleagues and mentors and succeed in more expansive ways in your career.

Through this 2-session (2-hour) “jumpstart” program, Kathy will guide you in how to:

  • Build a powerful network that will support your growth
  • Demonstrate thought leadership so you stand out
  • Improve your LinkedIn and social media presence to attract hiring managers and recruiters
  • Speak and demonstrate your accomplishments in powerful, compelling ways
  • Develop a new, exciting narrative about all you’ve done that ties together all that you’ve been in your professional life
  • Understand exactly how you are talented, accomplished and valuable in the workplace
  • Interview more effectively
  • Stop applying online only, and how to take other essential steps that will propel you forward
  • Avoid the three biggest mistakes professionals make when searching for a great new job

Who will benefit from this coaching/consulting program?

This program is for professionals at all levels and industries around the world who are seeking a new job but are finding that the process they’re engaged in is not generating the results they need and want. Kathy will meet with you online on her Zoom platform for two, one-hour sessions to jumpstart your interview process and take your success to the next level.

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The ultimate outcome of joining Kathy in this program?

Working with Kathy, you’ll quickly learn the key steps to interviewing, networking and pursuing new roles successfully, and avoid the top blunders thousands of job seekers make that prevent them from landing a great job they’ll love.

Why are Kathy’s coaching programs powerful vehicles for career change?

  • Saves time and money – Working with Kathy, you’ll avoid costly missteps and mistakes, and create the most effective plan possible to transform your career.
  • Support – Offers you expert support, input and guidance based on Kathy’s 13 years career coaching and consulting with over 15,000 professionals around the world. She draws on her 35 years of work experience, including serving as a Director and Vice President in the corporate marketing arena, her work as a family therapist and career/executive coach, and her entrepreneurial success with her business.
  • Increased accountability – The dynamic of the coaching partnership encourages accountability – you’ll move faster and more effectively with Kathy helping you stay accountable
  • Your network grows – when you become part of Kathy’s support community, your network and community expands exponentially (Kathy’s LinkedIn network of followers is now over 900,000).

So don’t wait! Land your dream job the right way, and start thriving in your career.


$1,500 for two, 60-minute consulting sessions (via Kathy’s Zoom online platform), including tailored insights and recommendations on LinkedIn profile improvements, essential networking activities, interview strategies and more.


Upfront payment – 1,500 (saves 10%)




Payment plan – $825 a month for 2 months




Note: Once registration is received, there are no refunds for this program, but you may use your 2 sessions within 6 months of registration.

To learn more about this program, or to request a 15-minute Strategy call with Kathy, contact her here.