Private One-Hour Career Consultation - Kathy Caprino
Feeling stuck and not sure what you want?
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Private One-Hour Career Consultation

Ready to build a BOLD and brave breakthrough action plan for getting unstuck, and creating a happier, more successful career and professional life?

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Are you struggling with:

  • Feeling stuck in a job that isn’t the fullest expression of you?
  • Working on projects you don’t enjoy with a community of people that you’re not aligned with?
  • Knowing you have the potential for much more success, reward and purpose but can’t figure how to achieve it?
  • Unable to make the right choice from all the options in front of you?
  • Lacking the feeling that your work has any positive meaning and fulfillment for you?
  • Wanting more impact in your community (and the world)?
  • And having an idea of what you’d like to try to feel afraid to pursue it?

Kathy’s laser-focused 60-minute consultation shares breakthrough strategies, recommendations and insights that are tailored to your particular situation and will move you forward fast.  Based on her 18-years of corporate experience, her work as a Senior Forbes contributor, 15 years of research with professional women, thousands of successful coaching outcomes, her training as a family therapist and her in-depth personal success in career reinvention, Kathy has a well-honed ability and proven process to see clearly what’s in your way currently of more success and reward, and helps you address those challenges rapidly.  

In one short hour, you’ll get on the path to:

  1. Determining the best next steps to take to create a more fulfilling career
  2. Earning more money leveraging your talents and abilities and becoming a more powerful and authoritative professional and leader
  3. Identifying the “right” work for you and creating a transition plan for that new direction
  4. Gaining new support, partners and advocates to help you succeed
  5. Making the impact you want to in your workplace, community and the world
  6. Creating a S.M.A.R.T. action plan to move you forward fast and avoid costly missteps

In this session, Kathy will help you “peel the onion” to identify what you really want and what’s in the way. She’ll share her insights and recommendations based on your responses to her signature Career Path Self-Assessment, Power Gap Survey and Action Style Quiz, which allow for a deep dive into recognizing your special talents, gifts, values, values, goals and non-negotiables.

In just one hour, Kathy will help you uncover — and move beyond — the current blocks in the way of your having the career you dream of.

In-Depth Private Career Consultation: $495.00

(This special one-hour consultation is available for first-time clients only.)



Note: Please note that there are no refunds granted for unused sessions. You may hold your career consultation up to 3 months from the date of registration.


What people are saying about working with Kathy:

Kathy is hands down the most uplifting and motivating source for career professionals who are considering a change or looking for greater fullfilment in their worklife. Kathy has been there, and she offers practical real life strategies to help lift your confidence and give you the boost you need to take that next step to happiness and satisfaction.” – Pamela Gentile

Kathy Caprino has helped me so much in my career! Thanks for give me courage to believe in myself NOW!” – – Silvia Silva

“Kathy has a very unique style which motivates me to take action, actually really do the work not just read about it, to pursue my dream career. She is able to articulate the process with clear and meaningful examples that resonate deeper than many other career and self-help coaches do. She truly believes that every woman has a life purpose, and can achieve it with the right tools, support, and hard work. Kathy’s material is for women of all ages who want real information, real solutions and permanent change.” – Patricia Farr

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