Finding Brave™ Video Library - Kathy Caprino

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Finding Brave™ Video Library

Welcome to Kathy Caprino’s library of recorded videos in her new Finding Brave™ video series.

To learn more strategies and solutions to help you “find brave” — rise up, speak up and stand up for your life and your visions for the future — tune into Kathy’s new Finding Brave weekly podcast.

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Finding Brave Tip #2: The Importance of Being Alone With Yourself and What Happens When You Are

Finding Brave Tip #1: How Your Unconscious Beliefs Can Work To Attract The Very Things You’re Running From

How being more positive improves your life

What To Do When You Don’t Get Along With Your Boss


How making BRAVE change dramatically boosts your happiness and success


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How being more positive improves your life

What you need to know about building a successful coaching business

How your ‘snarkiness’ and other communication flaws are hurting your success and happiness

How our humility can keep us stuck and afraid

How to boost your confidence today

Mastering the courage to change careers

How to Leverage LinkedIn (and Facebook and Twitter) to build your personal brand and share your amazing story (and talents) with the world

What to do when you hate your career, but don’t know what else to do

Six positive mindsets that help your dreams soar

What is feminism and why do so many men and women still hate it?

How Your Skepticism Is Keeping You Stuck and How to Shift It

How to know when to leave your job or career, and when to stay

Why you stay stuck in your own toxicity and how to change

How NOT being true to yourself crushes your life.

How to reach out to a stranger online and in person, and make an authentic connection (and what NOT to do!)

How to deal with someone who is mistreating you

The top 3 things professionals want more of and how to get them

How to deal with difficult people over the holidays

Brave up on LinkedIn and grow your success and reach

What coaches need to understand to build high-impact success

The Top lessons Learned From Giving My First TEDx talk!

How to identify how you’re special and amazing, and powerfully leverage your talents

The Top 5 Regrets of Mid-Career Professionals

How to Connect Bravely, and Change Your Life

How to Brave Up and ask for what you want and get it

Learn how to speak more bravely

How to Brave Up to break through to your happiest life!