Quiz - Tough Time or Professional Crisis - Kathy Caprino

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Quiz – Tough Time or Professional Crisis

“Breakdown often seems to strike out of the blue, yet we rarely get to this point without warning signs along the way.”
— Kathy Caprino, Breakdown, Breakthrough

Tough Time or Professional Crisis?

Recognizing the breakdown – before the breakthrough

How can you tell if you’re simply going through a “tough time” or experiencing a true professional crisis – a critical situation requiring real and lasting change?

Use this quiz as a starting point: If you check one (or more) of the statements below, it may be time to break down – and break through.

I have chronic health problems and stress that just won’t get better.
I lost someone or something I loved, and I feel deeply changed because of it.
In some ways, I don’t like or respect who I’ve become.
It seems that when I speak up for what I want and believe, it doesn’t go well.
I feel mistreated and misunderstood at work, yet I remain there.
I’ve had it with constantly proving myself – competing and winning at all costs.
My financial situation has me trapped.
I have talents I’m not using, but I long to do so.
I want to do work that makes a difference and really means something, but I don’t know how.
Things are falling apart in my life – all at once.
Balancing my life and work feels impossible, and I know I can’t go on this way.
I really don’t like my work, but have no idea what else I can do.


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