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Most Powerful You and Finding Brave Career and Leadership Growth Programs

I’ve often shared with clients and course members this idea: “We’re a person when we show up to our professional lives. The personal and professional are inextricably linked.” 

More so than most of us understand, our personal and professional identities, and our most compelling missions, leadership capabilities, passions, values and endeavors are fused in many ways with who we are as a person. It’s vitally important to strengthen and grow who we are as human beings if we wish to lead, manage and inspire others, and reach our highest, most thrilling potential in our leadership, roles and careers.

Are you ready to embrace a leadership growth journey that will help you become the most positive, powerful and inspiring version of you, so you can thrive in your leadership, and communication?

For hands-on coaching, training and instruction that will help you close your power gaps and “dig deep, discover your right work and and illuminate the world with it,” I’m thrilled to offer several new Most Powerful You and Finding BraveTM courses, resources, and training programs to support you on your journey to leadership growth and success.



My lifelong journey has been punctuated with vitally important moments and periods where I realized that my own Finding Brave growth and development was a critical dimension to my professional and leadership fulfillment, success and impact.

Now, in working with thousands of executive women and leaders around the world who are committed to “finding brave,” and as I’m witnessing the extraordinary breakthroughs and transformations that are possible, I’m thrilled to offer new programs and training helping executive women and emerging and seasoned leaders experience exponentially more confidence, clarity, influence, self-trust, strategic vision, communication strength and more.

If you’re interested in exploring how you can become the most powerful, impactful you and reach your most rewarding goals and visions, join me in a Most Powerful You program today.

Kathy Caprino's Most Powerful You Digital Course

Welcome to The MOST POWERFUL YOU training course for individuals and teams 

In response to the deep need for affordable, effective and accessible ongoing career, leadership, and executive growth help and support for emerging leaders, female executives and high potential individuals as well as underrepresented groups that want and need effective training to accelerate their success, I’m thrilled to share my new The Most Powerful You video training based on my latest book, The Most Powerful You: 7 Bravery Boosting Paths to Career Bliss, which is now being published in Polish, Arabic and Chinese.

Join me in this transformational 8-module video training course and curriculum that will propel you forward with expert, top-level guidance, accountability, tips, strategies and structure to help you close the 7 damaging power gaps that keep professionals from generating the positive leadership impact they long for.

There are two levels that fit a range of budgets, needs and schedules — Foundational and Accelerate – for you to choose from.

And for organizations with DEI, leadership development and executive growth programs designed to support the growth of women and other underrepresented groups, bring this training and my Power Gap assessment to your workforces today.

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This transformative 6-month coaching program with Kathy is designed specifically for new and emerging leaders who are finally ready to “find brave” and lead in more confident, inspiring and effective ways. This Finding BraveTM Leadership Growth program helps clients over a 6-month period learn and integrate key growth behaviors that will transform your leadership and impact, and help you reach your highest potential.

Drawing on key content shared in Kathy’s acclaimed TEDx talk “Time to Brave Up,” her new book The Most Powerful You, and her experience as a corporate VP, then training as a therapist, and 16 years as a coach, consultant, and leadership growth expert, PLUS her extensive research with professional women across 26 countries, this program teaches vital information, strategies and steps for shifting, and releasing blocks and limitations to a more effective, rewarding and impactful approach to leadership.

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For private coaching help and more, click here for Kathy’s career growth programs.

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