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MPY Group Coaching Program

Empowering 8-week Group Coaching Program and Support For Graduates of Kathy’s “The Most Powerful You” and “Amazing Career Project” Courses

Career Success

To support the continued growth and development of members who’ve completed Kathy’s course/training programs “The Most Powerful You” and “The Amazing Career Project,” she’s thrilled to offer affordable ongoing confidence- and professional- and leadership-growth support following graduation from the 8-week course, in the form of the new The Most Powerful You Group Coaching Program program.

This 8-week group coaching and facilitated discussion experience offers 8 weekly, LIVE 75-minute group calls that provide members with:

  • Clarity – You’ll continue to refine your professional and personal visions and dreams, and get clearer on — and closer to — your ultimate goals for your best and happiest career and life.  In the weeks and months following the course conclusion, as you share with other members your plans, triumphs and challenges, and learn from theirs, you’ll continue to address and close your power and confidence gaps, and leverage the wonderful alliances and support relationships that helped bolster your growth while you were in the course.
  • Accountability – You have a hundred things to do and it’s easy to let a few of them slide till next week. Or the week after. This group coaching program will keep you on track and help you focus on steps that will help you rise, thrive and reach your highest potential, in the most effective manner possible.
  • Support – You’ll continue to enjoy your own team of personal cheerleaders, mentors and ambassadors, professional women who understand deeply your power- and confidence-growth journey and what you’re focused on now. They’ve been with you before and they share in your accomplishments and triumphs, and support you in the difficult times. Group members are your biggest fans.
  • Structure – This program provides an uplifting and structured way to continue your growth and connect with and learn from women who’ve been successful in closing their power gaps, and achieving more confidence, self-trust, communication strength, leadership vision and impact. Meeting every week for 8 weeks following the course training offers an instrumental way to continue your “most powerful you” learning and expansion, and implement your highest and most thrilling goals and potential.
  • Hands-on help to becoming (and remaining) The Most Powerful, Confident You – The reality is that ALL big dreams and goals require more bravery, confidence, positive power, commitment and perseverance than we had before we birthed these dreams. Part of the journey to success is “finding brave” and accessing more confidence and clarity within yourself, and expanding and nurturing it every day. We’ll do that together in this special MPY/ACP “Level 2” coaching program

Overall, this program will help you continue on your path to your highest and most thrilling visions by providing 8 additional weeks of ongoing group support, accountability, and structure that align with your style, approach and needs.

Who will run this program?  

The program will be facilitated by Kathy Caprino. But unlike The Most Powerful You or The Amazing Career Project course, these calls aren’t “curriculum-based” but follow more of a peer-to-peer and coaching/mentoring  approach used to help members address their current and immediate challenges and questions, with input and support both from Kathy and other group members.

Each week, we’ll explore content from the courses and Kathy’s book The Most Powerful You, but focus directly on working through any challenges and questions members have about how to implement positive growth and change in their lives and careers.

What will you get?

For $499 for the 8-week program, this Group Coaching program will keep you on track with support from both Kathy and the wonderful members from your particular cohort and other graduates of the MPY and The Amazing Career Project.

Sometimes we all need a gentle but firm push or advice for the tough days. Plus you’ll receive ongoing support and mentoring on the strategies, solutions and approaches to accessing more power, bravery, clarity, commitment and growth in your career or business.

Who will be in my group?

Each cohort of this women-only group coaching program will be limited to graduates of Kathy’s The Most Powerful You and The Amazing Career Project live course trainings, and will include graduates from the courses, for a maximum of 10 professional women in each session.

What’s the schedule and frequency of meetings?

There may be numerous tracks running for this MPY Group Coaching program, allowing each cohort to work together in a small, private group.

Typically, they will run either on Thursdays at Noon EST or 5pm EST, given the specific session you’re in.

The next scheduled offering of the program starts Thursday, March 14th, 2024 and runs through May 2nd, 2024 with dates as follows:

8 weekly calls on Thursdays at Noon EST: 

March 14, 2024
March 20, 2024
March 28, 2024
April 4, 2024
April 11, 2024
April 18, 2024
April 25, 2024
May 2, 2024

What’s the price? 

For $499 for eight calls, you’ll receive:

  • One, 75-minute online call each week with your group and with Kathy Caprino as your facilitator
  • Continued support in a special dedicated MPY Facebook group – where you can share your questions, issues and challenges and get hands-on support
  • Ongoing connection and support from Kathy and your fellow MPY and ACP graduates who are happy to support you

Other important details to know:

  1. All active members will receive an email after each call, giving you access to the video and audio recording of the call. So no worries if you have to miss one.
  2. The feedback given to address one member’s challenge is often perfectly relevant and important for numerous other members, so we all learn by being part of the group.
  3. You may leave the group at any time, but the fee to participate is an upfront payment of $499 (or 2-month payment plan – write to Kathy for details) and refunds are not available given the limited availability of spots. Only active members will have access to ongoing calls and recordings, and to the Facebook group.

I’m looking forward to supporting graduates of both of my courses – The Most Powerful You and The Amazing Career Project – with this powerful additional level of group coaching support, helping you achieve your most exciting goals and visions with the help of an amazing and inspiring community of women.

Let’s keep your confidence, impact, fulfillment, joy and success expanding this year and beyond. 

Sign up today for the March – May 2024 session now and see you on the next call!