The Inner Path to Career Success - Kathy Caprino

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The Inner Path to Career Success

How to build dramatically more success and happiness with small but powerful inner shifts

In this empowering keynote, Kathy Caprino, M.A. – America’s “Breakthrough” Success Coach for women – shares fresh, exciting information from her 13 years of research with professional women and her work as a Senior Contributor on and influencer on LinkedIn, on what’s required for each of us to access the happiness, reward, and success we long for. The upshot: it’s an internal process first.  If we don’t make the necessary shifts internally, the external rewards we hope for cannot come.

Designed for professional women who wish to discover their authentic path to happier, more impactful work, this program explores what’s necessary to pave the way for more success in personal and professional endeavors.

Attendees of this breakthrough experience will learn:

– How your unhappiness is damaging your career and your life

– The most common ways people sabotage their own success

– How to identify what you’re passionate about and build a career around it

– The 10 inner and outer steps to take to build a happier, more rewarding career

– The one BOLD commitment to make today if you want more happiness in your work

Kathy also shares vital information from her yearlong research study on how women have overcome professional crisis to achieve abundant success, prosperity and impact. She explores: 

  • Identifying your dominant action orientation style and how it shapes your career
  • Assessing your thoughts, feelings and mindsets to understand what you really want
  • Making small internal modifications today to bring about huge shifts in your access to power, control, happiness, and authenticity
  • Shifting the toxicity you feel at work and how to let go of your deepest blocks and fears
  • Building more self-trust and faith in your instincts, ideas, and directions
And Kathy will take your burning career questions live, right during the program!

This program is ideal for those who all professional women who want a happier, more rewarding career and are ready to make the necessary internal and external changes to create it.

Creating more happiness, success and reward – and honoring your unique talents while pursuing what you really care about — requires clarity, confidence, courage, and commitment. Kathy shows you how to get it.

What people are saying:

“You were so inspiring, Kathy, and incredibly motivating! Thank you for giving of yourself, sharing your story, and impacting all of us at Thinkpeace workshop summer camp.  The session you led on finding your passion and impacting the world with it was perfect! You not only effectively were able to get the girls to tap into their talents and passions– you helped us ALL realize that every step counts. Sometimes we think that great leaps have to be taken and it’s important to remember that each step creates its own impact on the way to the end goal.

Young women often think that they have nothing to give if it’s not some huge thing, then they feel overwhelmed and inadequate and they give up. Your advice on scaling it back to concrete action that they can take in the here and now was brilliant.

A number of the girls were deeply affected by your session, and felt validated, heard and significant for the very first time. They feel stronger and more valued now. Thank you for igniting something so vital in them, and in us all. Please come back again and again!” – Kelly Himsl Arthur, Founder, ThinkPeaceWorkshop