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Break through to more happiness, success, and reward. I’ll show you how.


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Welcome to Ellia Communications!

I’m Kathy Caprino, Founder of Ellia Communications, and I help women break through to the happiness, success and reward they long for.  To help you find — and thrive in — your right work, I offer four levels of support:

…all designed to help women build happy, successful and rewarding careers they love.

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Kathy has helped over 10,000 professional women globally and scores of Fortune 100 companies and national employers through her coaching, workshops, and seminars.  Write Kathy today to get started on your way to breakthrough.


Want hands-on career guidance and support to feel happier at home, more successful at work, and more impactful in the world? Kathy offers powerful, structured 4- and 10-session Career Breakthrough Coaching programs designed to help women get unstuck and moving toward their right work today.  Learn more

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In the past several months, Kathy’s been interviewed by Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Coca-Cola, and more.  She’s been honored to interview Sheryl WuDunn, Vineyard Vines Founders Shep and Ian Murray, transformation coach  Cheryl Hunter, and other amazing men and women making a huge impact on the world.  Check back for more, and see Kathy’s latest on Forbes, Huffington Post, and AARP Work Reimagined.


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