Career & Leadership Training for Emerging Women Leaders - Kathy Caprino

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Career & Leadership Training for Emerging Women Leaders

Helping Organizations Support the Success, Engagement, and Leadership Growth of their Female Workforce

A 10-part Series for Emerging Women Leaders

Kathy Caprino, M.A. – nationally-recognized career and work-life expert, executive and leadership developer, Forbes Leadership contributor and speaker — has developed a groundbreaking 10-part career growth and leadership training program for corporate women, offering effective ongoing career enhancement support for female employees of all levels.

Based on Kathy’s yearlong national research and book Breakdown Breakthrough, her therapy training, communications expertise, and executive coaching and training programs with over 15,000 professional women nationwide, and her own leadership and high-level corporate experience, this program is designed to provide a much-needed forum addressing the specific challenges professional women face today, and offer ongoing support to professional women to help them:

  • Understand and explore more deeply their current professional and career challenges
  • Discover new, effective solutions to their most pressing issues
  • Connect with other colleagues, sponsors, supporters and mentors that will support them on their career path
  • Identify their short- and long-term career and leadership visions and goals, and create a S.M.A.R.T plan to achieve their visions
  • Forge the widest common ground possible between their personal visions and goals and their professional endeavors.

The ultimate goal of this program is to help talented, engaged career women find new solutions to their key challenges so that they may grow personally and professionally throughout their careers, and attain their highest levels of efficacy, engagement and productivity in their lives and work.

The most powerful long-term benefit of this program is that it supports inclusion and diversity, and aids organizations in balancing their leadership, managerial and support teams with talented, committed, and contributive women.

Drawing from 13years of primary research and hands-on work with over 15,000 leading women, this ongoing leadership training and development program provides a unique and much-needed forum for emerging and existing women leaders to openly discuss and address key challenges, share insights and experiences, solidify bonds, and develop meaningful alliances and mentorship/sponsorship relationships that are highly beneficial to career success.  These ongoing sessions also create an internal support structure that develops empowering role models, strengthens loyalty and linkage to the organization, and fosters pride and commitment to the organization as a whole.

Kathy’s yearlong, 10-part workshop leadership training series consists of:

Ten, two-hour interactive coaching workshops – conducted one each month, for 10 months. These sessions are facilitated by Kathy Caprino, M.A., each covering one particular area of compelling interest to professional women, and held onsite during the workday.  Areas of discussion are drawn from Kathy’s national research, her book Breakdown Breakthrough, her work with emerging leaders, and recommendations from the corporate workforce it serves.  (As a former market researcher, Kathy is skilled at conducting one-on-one interviews and focus groups with emerging women leaders, to uncover critical issues at your organization that must be addressed to pave the way for more women in leadership, and to tailor her curriculum around your organization’s needs.)

Suggested seminar/ training topics:

  1. Speaking with Up Power and Authority
  2. Mentorship and Sponsorship – Paving the Way for Continued Growth and Success
  3. Fostering Collaboration in Communication and Interpersonal Relationships
  4. Determining Your Specific Desired Niche and Area(s) of Passion, Contribution and Talent
  5. Enforcing Boundaries: Supporting Your Core Values, Needs and Goals
  6. Reducing and Managing Stress and Embracing Wellness
  7. Overcoming Key Obstacles to Successful Work-Life Integration
  8. Learning the Top 9 Skills Professionals Need to Master for Success
  9. Becoming an Inspiring Leader and Manager
  10. Developing Your Personal Brand – Defining and Articulating Your Talents, Skills and Desired Contributions
  11. Achieving Your Highest Potential – Effective Career Management Strategies for Long-Term Success

(Kathy is happy to tailor the topics covered to your organization’s needs, mission, and vision).


To explore bringing Kathy’s Career Growth/Leadership Training Series and Kathy’s executive and leadership coaching programs for emerging women leaders to your organization, and for more information about fees, schedules and tailoring a program to your needs, email or call (203) 834-9933.