Brave Up Speaking Topics - Kathy Caprino

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Brave Up Speaking Topics

Additional Brave Up Workshops/Keynotes:

Why Brave up?

When we are little, we understand and see clearly what bravery means, and are encouraged by our families and authority figures to be brave every single day, in order to grow and move forward.

As we mature, however, particularly for women, our bravery and courage goes underground. We become more focused on outer achievement, pleasing others, and grow more fear-driven and risk-averse, scared to speak up and stand up for what we want and believe. We lose connection to our authentic selves in pursuit of external goals that society and our “tribes” encourage but don’t necessarily align with our true values.  And in many cultures around the world, bravery in women is discouraged and even punished.

Based on 12 years of pioneering research, coaching and family therapy work with over 12,000 women around the world, Kathy Caprino, M.A. explores vital importance of bravely reconnecting to who we are at the deepest level, and why accessing more bravery is essential to a well-lived life.

She helps audiences recognize and honor their core passions, talents and gifts and values, as well understand their dominant action style, and learn to leverage these fully to live bravely, openly and powerfully. And she shares the top 5 regrets of midlife professionals and how to live, work, and connect with others to bypass these painful regrets.

In her talks, Caprino explains what a “Brave Up” life looks and feels like, versus living (as so many do) lives of quiet desperation, disconnected from their hearts, minds and spirits. She explores how to achieve brave leadership, brave work, brave parenting, and brave connection, helping people honor and make full use of their most authentic strengths and gifts in service of others and the world, to reach their most joyful visions for a meaningful, joyful life and livelihood.

Keynote/Workshop Topics:


In this keynote/workshop we explore:

  • The critical role bravery plays in our personal and professional success
  • The five key blocks to living bravely and authentically
  • The top five regrets of midlife professionals and how to overcome them
  • The 6 dominant action styles and how to recognize and honor your own (and why that’s critical)
  • The relationship between bravery and self-leadership, connection, joy, impact and engagement
  • The most common ways in which we avoid and suppress bravery and how these behaviors move us away from our happiest lives
  • Effective strategies for braving up to honor our truest talents, passions, and beliefs and leveraging them for a more rewarding life and livelihood



In this keynote/workshop, we explore:

  • The role of bravery in leading, managing and inspiring others in powerful and positive ways towards common goals
  • How true bravery is often suppressed and misunderstood in standard leadership training today
  • The five most damaging blocks to bravery and how to overcome them
  • How our cultural beliefs suppress bravery and sabotage our authentic goal-setting and communication processes
  • The 6 dominant action styles and how to recognize and honor your own while embracing diversity of styles in your organization
  • How bravely leading your own life is an essential precursor to effective organizational leadership
  • Powerful strategies for accessing more bravery, authenticity and empowerment in your work as a leader and inspiring change agent


In this keynote/lecture, we explore:

  • The relationship between bravery and loving, nurturing and empowering our children
  • How and why parents suppress and discourage bravery in their kids
  • Why helping children see themselves as brave, competent and self-reliant is essential to their success
  • The 6 dominant action styles and how to help your child recognize and honor his/her own with appreciating and respecting others’ styles
  • How parents can transform challenging situations into opportunities for brave connection and growth
  • Effective strategies for helping children develop resilience, self-esteem, courage, independence, authenticity and empowerment

Kathy is happy to work with event organizers and conference planners to customize her talks for your audience.

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