In the Media - Kathy Caprino

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In the Media

In the Media (Audio and Video)

Excerpts from Kathy’s appearances on TV and radio. (Coming soon: webcasts, podcasts and streaming video!)

Video Clips

bullet Kathy on Fox 5 News (March 2013) on Women in the Workplace
bullet Kathy Caprino – Women’s Breakthrough Expert
bullet Kathy on Fox Business Network (Feb 6, 2009)
bullet Kathy on “The Power of Coaching” (TV)
bullet My 52 Mistakes Vlog Launches
bullet My 52 Mistakes Vlog: My Biggest Mistake
bullet My 52 Mistake Vlog: Mistake #2: Believing the Myth “Build It and They Will Come”
bullet My 52 Mistakes Vlog: Mistake #3: Letting the Pendulum Effect Rule My Life

Articles and Interviews

bullet Publications, articles and websites featuring and/or quoting Kathy Caprino.

Audio Clips and Interviews

bullet Break Through! Don’t Break Down: Keys to Transforming Challenge into Breakthrough
Align, Shine, Prosper Radio Show – VoiceAmerica Radio
Host: Doreen Agostino
October 2009
bullet Women and Careers, Reinvention, and Communications
Live with Lisa! Radio Show
Hosted by Lisa Wexler
August 15 2009
bullet Breakdown, Breakthrough – Blog Talk Radio Interview Podcast with Host Wayne Hurlbert,
January 29, 2009
bullet Dealing with Professional Crisis
Personal Life Media’s “Just for Women” radio show
Hosted by Alissa Kriteman