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To recap the 7 most damaging power gaps are:

Gap #1

Not recognizing your special talents, abilities, and accomplishments

Gap #2

Communicating from fear not strength

Gap #3

Reluctance to ask for what you deserve

Gap #4

Isolating from influential support

Gap #5

Acquiescing instead of saying “stop!” to mistreatment

Gap #6

Losing sight of your thrilling dream

Gap #7

Allowing past trauma to shape and define you

(To learn if you're experiencing any of these gaps, join the over 1,000 respondents and take my Power Gap Survey today.)

Each of these gaps, in their own unique way, keeps us from seeing ourselves powerfully, and speaking, asking, connecting, challenging, serving and healing as we need to, to thrive.

That’s the “bad” news. So, what’s good news? You’re in AMAZING company and there IS a pathway out of this experience of powerlessness. But we can only change what we have awareness of, and greater awareness equals greater choice. The first step is to understand more clearly and deeply what you’re going through and where you may be gapped.

This 7-day power-boost challenge aims to help you achieve that expanded awareness, and then make different choices for more empowered behaviors, thoughts, habits and actions, so you can break out of feeling thwarted in your access to power. We all need access to more internal and external bravery, power and self-authority if we want to build an amazing, rewarding career and leadership impact.

And these steps will help you grow more authoritative, confident, self-assured, and clear about the new path you want to take and how to get there.

Enjoy the 7-Day Power Boost Challenge and here's to The Most Powerful You!


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This power-boosting work will help you develop now and for the rest of your life:

Brave Sight

Brave Speak

Brave Ask

Brave Connection

Brave Challenge

Brave Service

Brave Healing

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