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This 12-issue digital newsletter, Your Path to Career Bliss, delivers impactful and easy-to-digest content and trainings to make the shifts and changes you want, to build a happier, more successful career and professional life avoiding costly mistakes in the process.


Your Shortcut to Career Success

This 12-issue digital newsletter provides professionals with info and training content that's proven effective and empowering in addressing issues we need to understand if we're to improve our careers in the fastest, most effective way possible, without making damaging mistakes that push us off our path.

Each issue offers a deep dive into one key topic that thousands in the workforce are looking for help on, including:

Negotiating powerfully for what you want and getting it

Building more self-esteem and confidence in your career

Communicating more authoritatively and demonstrating executive presence

Shifting your perspective and thoughts to change what's happening to you and around you

Deciding exactly what has to change for a happier career

Landing influential mentors and sponsors and build a powerful support community

Learning the unspoken rules for moving forward in your interviews and effective job search for the ideal role

Becoming a better leader, manager, communicator

Making better decisions that catapult you further

…And much more

Each issue includes:

  • TOP-LEVEL ARTICLES on various aspects around one core theme of the month in the arena of growth in careers, leadership, communications, business, personal development and more, written by me as well as content and interviews from other top-level experts in areas that pertain to the monthly theme

  • PODCAST INTERVIEWS with some of the nation's most esteemed bestselling authors, influencers, Pulitzer prize nominees and winners, and leading experts sharing their great strategies, solutions and tips (such as John Maxwell, Gay Hendricks, Keith Ferrazzi, Cheryl Porter, Mike Michalowicz and much more!)

  • HIGHLY RECOMMENDED RESOURCES including, TEDx talks, free training, career assessments and surveys, webinars and other resources to move you forward

  • SPECIAL DISCOUNTS, offers and programs for Your Path To Career Bliss members only

"Kathy is a truly gifted coach, speaker and author. Her intuition and skill is beyond compare. She has a way of seeing things through a different lens and pushing you to breakthrough your own view to bring your game to the next level. She helps guide you to find your courage to really elevate your space in the world. She is a blessing!"


"Kathy Caprino is the real deal. You’ll love her mind and her heart. What she offers to career women is data driven, yet practical in its application. I have enjoyed reading what she writes and applying what she recommends. I encourage you to take advantage of her content and live the life you were meant to live."


"I’m so empowered by Kathy! She produces regular, reliable, relatable content and training with topics ranging from “Why There Are So Few Women on Fortune’s ’40 Under 40′ List,” to “It’s Time For You To Shine and Make The Impact You Long To,” and everything in between. It’s no wonder women love her!”


Who Is This Newsletter For?

This newsletter is for all professionals of any level, in a wide range of fields and arenas, who want inspiring, motivating content that help them build happier and more impactful careers while also attaining their top life goals and experiencing what they want most in life.

Does that describe you?

If so, this is THE resource for you. Sign up today to understand in a much deeper way what's really impacting your career and your life, and take the right steps to build more success, recognition, and impact this year. Finally experience the meaning and fulfillment you deserve, doing great work in service of others.

I highly recommend Kathy’s programs to anyone who dares to dream big and strives to do more. No matter where we are in our professional journey, Kathy’s coaching programs empower us to uncover our natural talents, break through our upper limit and reach new heights of success never before imagined."


"Kathy Caprino knows her stuff. She’s a leading thinker on women and success, and a trusted guide through the process of taking control of your career and getting what you want. Her advice and insights will help you reach the next level."


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Why This Newsletter Now…

The pandemic has changed things for us. It has greatly impacted so many lives and livelihoods, and now more than ever, folks need and want affordable, expert career advice and guidance that's easy to access and utilize, right from their own homes.

To answer this need, Kathy's team has developed a brand new newsletter designed to give professionals of all levels and fields one resource focused on THE most important career, leadership and personal growth topics to move you forward fast, through one centralized hub.

This program cuts through the noise and the often unhelpful (and even faulty) career advice we see everyday online, bringing you proven tactics and well-researched information and support that make a transformative difference in your career and life.

The ULTIMATE Goal: To help you live and work as you truly long to, experiencing a high level of authentic success, joy and fulfillment, making the positive impact you dream to and doing work you're proud of.

Any questions?

Feel free to reach out to Kathy here – she'll be happy to answer them. We hope to see you in the program today and help you get on Your Path To Career Bliss!

About Kathy Caprino, M.A.

If you've followed my work, you know that I spent 18 years in corporate life in marketing, publishing and membership services, and rose to the level of Vice President. My career was very "successful" on the outside, but internally I struggled. I managed large budgets and global initiatives, and achieved a lot. And I've learned many skills including leadership, communication, management, strategic planning and more.

But I also struggled fiercely in crafting a life and career that aligned with who I really am, inside.

After a brutal layoff in the days following 9/11, I made the decision to finally reclaim the direction of my life and entered into the helping professions. becoming a marriage and family therapist, writer, career coach, speaker. Over the past 16 years in this work, I’ve coached and trained thousands of professionals around the world.

Now, in my business Kathy Caprino, LLC, I am dedicated to the advancement of women and men around the globe, and helping professionals bypass the very difficult challenges I faced. After all, I believe we're all seeking the same things in life: fulfillment, balance, good income for ourselves and our families, wellbeing, growth, and true happiness.

I support professionals in attaining their biggest goals through my writing, speaking, coaching, keynotes and workshops, and serving as a media expert on women's careers. I'm a Senior Forbes contributor, a LinkedIn voice, an author and the host of the podcast Finding Brave, which consistently ranks in the Top 100 Apple Career Podcasts.

I've written over 1,000 posts (that's over one and a half million words written!) which have garnered over 35 million views and countless follow-up questions and requests for career help. And, I've learned so much in interviewing some of the top movers and shakers, leadership gurus, business experts, award-winning entrepreneurs, creatives, bestselling authors, Pulitzer-prize winners and more. Now I want to share that learning with you!

Last thing…

This newsletter offers the most powerful and effective information and strategies I’ve learned and personally applied in my own life. These strategies have helped others build professional endeavors that are supremely fulfilling and rewarding, and focus on what matters most to them.

Now it's time to help you!

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