Leadership Coaching - Kathy Caprino
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Leadership Coaching

For emerging women leaders and mid-career women women who wish to increase their leadership ability, confidence, authority, and impact in their roles.

A nationally-recognized women’s career expert, Kathy has spent the past ten years coaching and training thousands of working women on the challenges they face in achieving success, fulfillment and meaning in their careers, and on feminine principles and values as they apply to corporate leadership.

Her national research has yielded vitally important findings including:

  1. 9 out of 10 women are facing at least one of 12 “hidden” challenges of working women.
  2. The traditional competitive career model in place today needs revision. This non-diverse model has contributed to the low percentage – 16% – of women in senior leadership ranks.
  3. There are numerous feminine leadership principles and values that, when honored and embraced in a diverse culture, lead to greater success, growth, and innovation for organizations.

The findings are clear:

Organizations that embrace diversity and both masculine and feminine principles — and that have a more balanced representation of women in senior leadership — perform better financially and are better equipped to compete, innovate and thrive.

Working with Kathy, you’ll enhance your leadership qualities with a focus on diversity and inclusion of feminine principles and values including:

1) Defining and honoring your own strengths, passions, preferences, and style
2) Strengthening your decision-making capabilities
3) Gaining clarity on the new directions you wish to pursue
4) Powering up your communication process and style
5) Becoming a strong role model
6) Building supportive, team-building relationships
7) Developing your unique vision and sharing it powerfully
8) Challenging the status quo to foster organizational growth
9) Empowering others
10) Encouraging wholeness, transparency and authenticity
11) Managing and leading with a diversity and inclusion mindset
12) Fostering growth, heart, and spirit and engagement

Kathy helps professional women reach their highest and best potential — as managers and leaders, role models, and as women — helping them hone a powerful vision for their professional contribution, and make that vision a reality.

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Please write to Kathy Caprino or call (203) 834-9933 for more information, or to discuss career growth and leadership coaching programs or seminars for the emerging women leaders at your organization.