Leadership Coaching for Professional Women - Kathy Caprino

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Leadership Coaching for Professional Women

Kathy Caprino, M.A. offers top-level leadership and executive growth training and coaching for emerging female leaders and mid-career women who wish to expand their leadership ability, confidence, authority, communication skill, interpersonal relationships and connections, and impact in their roles.

She’s happy to serve organizations as well that are committed to supporting the advancement of women and other underrepresented groups to rise, thrive and reach their highest, most rewarding potential.


Below is a small sampling of the many organizations that Kathy has offered training for, and coached individual clients at:

Named in 2023 among the Top 10 Best Career Coaches for Women, Kathy is an internationally-recognized career and leadership growth expert, Senior Forbes contributor, author of two top-selling books and a relied-on media expert on women’s career issues. She has spent the past 17 years coaching and training thousands of professional women across 26 countries and 6 continents to overcome the key challenges they face in achieving greater success, fulfillment, impact and purpose in their careers.

Her key focus is helping women of all levels leverage their unique talents and abilities, contribute more expansively, use their voices and authentic styles to lead powerfully, and in the end, to thrive more fully in their work and roles. She is also a top LinkedIn voice with close to 1 million followers and subscribers.

She has trained clients in scores of Fortune 500 organizations and taught hundreds of workshops and presentations at many of the world’s most recognized conferences and organizations, including the Pennsylvania Conference for Women, Network for Executive Women, SHE Summit, Society for Women Engineers, International Coaching Federation, and more.

Drawing on her experiences as a former corporate VP and trained therapist, and a researcher and interviewer (via her Forbes blog and top Apple Career podcast Finding Brave) of hundreds of the nation’s top leaders, Kathy incorporates learning from a wide array of disciplines in her career coaching and consulting services, executive and leadership growth programs, career development courses, resources and assessments.

A sampling of Fortune 500 organizations her clients have worked for:

General Electric
Bristol-Myers Squibb
American Express
Phillip Morris International
Estee Lauder
Omnicom Group
Marriott International
Expedia Group
Campbell Soup
Robert Half International


NBC Universal
Bridgewater Associates
PwC Accenture

Read more at: https://kathycaprino.com/coaching-services/. To see Kathy’s work in the media, click here.

Her national research has yielded vitally important findings including:

  1. 9 out of 10 women are facing at least one of 12 “hidden” challenges of working women.
  2. 98% of women are facing at least one of the 7 damaging power gaps that keep them from reaching their highest professional potential, and 75% are experiencing 3 or more of these gaps
  3. The traditional competitive career model in place today needs revision. This non-diverse model has contributed to the low percentage of women in senior leadership ranks.
  4. There are numerous essential leadership principles, values and behaviors that millions of women demonstrate, that when honored and embraced, build more diverse and inclusive cultures, leading to greater success, growth, and innovation for organizations.

The findings are clear:

Organizations that embrace and support women into leadership, and demonstrate values and principles that encourage diversity, equity and inclusion — and that have a more balanced representation of women in senior leadership — perform better financially and are better equipped to compete, innovate and thrive.

Working with Kathy, you’ll enhance your leadership qualities with a focus on diversity, equity and inclusion and core values that build work cultures that work better for all.

You’ll be coached in processes that help you:

1) Define, honor and leverage your own strengths, passions, preferences, and style
2) Strengthen your decision-making capabilities
3) Gain clarity on the new directions you wish to pursue
4) Empower your communication process and style
5) Become a strong, inspiring leader and role model for others
6) Build supportive, team-building relationships
7) Develop your unique vision and share it with confidence and strength
8) Challenge the status quo to foster organizational growth
9) Empower and strengthen others’ capabilities
10) Encourage wholeness, transparency and authenticity
11) Manage and lead with a diversity and inclusion mindset
12) Foster growth, heart, and spirit and engagement

Kathy helps professional women close their “power gaps” and reach their highest and best potential — as managers and leaders, team members and role models — helping them hone a powerful vision for their professional contribution, and make that vision a reality.

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Kathy’s latest training for professional women is her new video and LIVE coaching/training course The Most Powerful You, based on her top-selling book The Most Powerful You: 7 Bravery-Boosting Paths to Career Bliss.

Click the image below to learn more about the training course:








Bring this training to your organization today to help professionals address and close the 7 damaging power and confidence gaps that prevent them from making the contributions and impact they long to.


To discuss executive growth and leadership coaching programs or training for the emerging leaders and teams at your organization, please email Kathy at info@kathycaprino.com.