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In the Media

Kathy’s work with women has appeared in over 200 leading newspapers, magazines, and websites including…

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2021 Press (sampling):

Real Simple :: April 2021 issue – Silver Linings, Pandemic Edition (see page 74 for Kathy’s tip)

SHRM Executive Network :: Increasing Leadership Opportunities for Women

Real Leaders :: Feature: The Most Powerful You: 7 Bravery-Boosting Paths to Career Bliss

Fast Company :: 6 Career Coaches Share The Best Career Advice They Ever Got

Leader to Leader :: Celebrating Leader to Leader 100 With 100 Great Books

Next Big Idea Club :: 7 Books to Inspire New Grads to Make a Dent in the Universe

Next Big Idea Club :: 7 New Books That Will Supercharge Your Summer Productivity

2021 Edition

LinkedIn (Idea of the Day) :: 3 Potent Questions That Will Stop Your Swirl of Confusion and Indecision

2020 Press (sampling):

Forbes :: How To Ace Your Video Interviews

Upjourney :: How Do You Answer “Tell Me About a Time You Failed”

Investor’s Business Daily :: Reach Death-Defying Success Without Risking Your Life

CMSWire :: Employee Coaching Comes to the Masses

LinkedIn :: Growing Your Vision as a Leader

New York Post :: Finding a good mentor to help steer your career is now more valuable than ever

Pioneer Press :: Working Strategies: An (end-of)-summer reading list

Bob Morris :: Kathy Caprino on Self-Empowerment: An interview by Bob Morris

Smart Women Talk Radio :: The Most Powerful You! with Kathy Caprino

Monster :: The Most Difficult Interview Questions (And Answers)

New York Post :: Professionals turning to freelance, contract work to fill employment gaps

Seapoint Center :: The 7 Damaging Power Gaps Women Face and How Leaders Can Help

Tatler Asia :: Work-Life Balance: Expert Advice On Why It Matters And How To Achieve It

Business Insider :: 4 Tactics To Get Coworkers To Stop Interrupting You During Meetings :: The Top 10 LinkedIn Profile Headlines from Job Search Experts

New York Post :: Beat The Workday Blues By Channeling An Upbeat Mindset


Kathy’s TEDx Talk “Time to Brave Up”

Do older workers slow down entrepreneurship? from CNBC.

LinkedIn – April 2015

CCTV America – August 14, 2015:


FOX Business News:

What College Students Need To Do Over Winter Break

More Women Bringing Home the Bacon

Women Poised to Reach 50% of the Workforce –


RADIO/PODCAST (sampling):

Kathy’s Podcast Finding Brave

Local Job Network :: Moving Up the Ladder – Myth vs. Reality: Career Advancement for Women

Marty Wolff Business Solutions Business Builders Show :: Women in Business

The Broad Experience: 
When Women Work For Free

Kathy Caprino’s podcast with Mo Faul:
Best Work/Best Life


Article (sampling):

Oprah Magazine: How To Stop Saying You’re Sorry

Yahoo News and USA Today: More Older Women Are Returning To Work

Marketwatch: The 5 Most In-Demand Career Skills in 2019 and How To Master Them

Washington Post – The Lily15 Ways To Be Less Perfect (and Probably Happier) in 2019

CNBCEmployees Are Facing a Burnout Crisis

U.S. News & World Report:: Should You Hire a Career Coach?

Chicago Tribune :: Balancing between love and work 

Wall Street Journal :: Bloomberg Suit Dismissal a Blow to Women

Wall Street Journal :: Forging a New Path

SELF Magazine :: What Were You Meant to Do?

Personal Excellence ::  Breaking Down – Feature Article

Count Me In :: Kathy Caprino Named As Winner of Micro to Millions Award

AARP Magazine :: Should You Consider a Pay Cut?

Wilton Bulletin:: Pursuing a Career of Joy and Fulfillment

LinkedIn :: Why Women Should Care About Their “WHY

Shape Magazine :: Your Guilt-Free Guide to Taking a Mental Health Day

BBC Capital :: The Secrets to Staying Employed


Kathy’s Blog on Forbes

FOX Business News::

How to Get Noticed In No Time At Work, For the Right Reasons

Um, Like, So…You’re Killing Your Own Career

Why Lying On Your Resume Is Never Worth It

Did “Flappy Bird” Creator Hit His Threshold For Success

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