Power Up Your LinkedIn Presence: Stand Out, Connect and Rise - Kathy Caprino
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Power Up Your LinkedIn Presence: Stand Out, Connect and Rise


Delivered by Kathy Caprino, M.A. – internationally-recognized women’s success and leadership coach, writer, speaker, and author of the new book The Most Powerful You: 7 Bravery-Boosting Paths to Career Bliss

LinkedIn is the professional networking platform of choice, with over 800+ million users around the world. Many check LinkedIn at least once daily to keep abreast of new trends, opportunities and connections.

Are you making the most of this incredible platform, building your professional presence and connecting in a way that will help you stand out and achieve your most thrilling career visions and goals? 

In this LinkedIn consulting program, leading LinkedIn voice and international career and executive coach Kathy Caprino, M.A., helps you learn the most essential steps to take on LinkedIn to present yourself at the highest level, and make the most of all that LinkedIn has to offer. She’ll share with you ways to improve your professional presence so you’ll stand out from the competition, attract new mentors and sponsors, and succeed in more expansive and impactful ways in your career.

Kathy has achieved over 850,000 followers, and over 35+ million views on her Forbes blog “Career Bliss,” and her personal blog, and has learned powerful digital networking and communication strategies that will help you connect with new mentors, followers, sponsors, and ambassadors who can open new doors and new opportunities for you. In her latest book, The Most Powerful You, she’s dedicated an entire chapter to connecting more powerfully, using LinkedIn and other resources.

Her new digital course – The Most Powerful You – walks professionals through the 7 most damaging power gaps that block 98% of professional women (and 90% of men) from reaching their highest, most rewarding potential and their most exciting goals in their careers and professional lives. When we face these gaps, we simply cannot thrive in our careers and workplaces.

Through this 2-session LinkedIn coaching program, Kathy will guide you to learn:

  • Why it is so critical to build your profile in a robust, confident and clear way (and what it says to others when you don’t)
  • How to avoid the three biggest mistakes professionals make on LinkedIn
  • A proven formula to make your headline ring out (and what it absolutely should NOT be)
  • What NOT to do in communicating your current and past roles
  • Hot to get others to speak highly of you and give your profile and accomplishments more credibility
  • How to craft new language to describe your best work, enhance your job descriptions and power up your professional summary so readers will understand clearly all that you have to offer, what you’ve accomplished, and why that matters
  • How to obtain powerful recommendations and testimonials
  • How to connect with influential mentors and supporters
  • Ways to share your thought leadership and curate great content while connecting with influencers who can help you

Who will benefit from this consulting program?

This program is for any professional at any level looking to improve their professional success, land ideal new roles, build their thought leadership, connect with helpful mentors and sponsors, and build their personal brand by leveraging LinkedIn fully.

If you’re interested in working with Kathy, please complete her Coaching application here and mention this program, and Kathy will get back to you asap with next steps and recommended follow-ups. Thank you!

Program Fee –

Upfront payment (Saves 5%) – $750 for two, 30-minute LinkedIn Consulting sessions



2 monthly payments of $393.75



* * * * *

**PLEASE NOTE: Due to Kathy’s extensive commitments at this time, there are very limited slots on her private coaching client roster, and there is often a waiting list. Please also be advised there are no refunds for used or unused sessions.

For longer-term coaching support, check out Kathy’s “Jumpstart Your Career Success” program or her Career & Leadership Breakthrough program.

If you’re wishing for full copywriting services for your resume, please visit the work of Kathy’s colleague, Resume and LinkedIn profile writer Cynthia Hanson at WriteNowResume.com.

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