Power Up Your LinkedIn Presence: Stand Out, Connect and Shine - Kathy Caprino
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Power Up Your LinkedIn Presence: Stand Out, Connect and Shine


Delivered by Kathy Caprino, M.A. – internationally-recognized women’s success and leadership coach, writer, speaker, and author of Breakdown, Breakthrough

LinkedIn is the professional networking platform of choice, with over 580 million users around the world. Many check LinkedIn at least once daily to keep abreast of new trends, opportunities and connections.

Are you making the most of this platform, building your professional presence in a way that will help you stand out and achieve visibility and impact?

In this two-session consulting program, LinkedIn expert and international career and executive coach Kathy Caprino, M.A., helps you learn the most essential steps to take on LinkedIn to present yourself at the highest level. She’ll share with you ways to improve your professional presence so you’ll stand out from the competition, attract new colleagues and mentors and succeed in more expansive ways in your career.

With over 850,000 LinkedIn followers, and 33 million views on her Forbes blog “Career Bliss,” Kathy has learned key digital networking and communication strategies that will help you connect with new mentors, followers, sponsors, and ambassadors who can open new doors and new opportunities for you.

Through this 2-session (2-hour) consulting program, Kathy will guide you to learn:

  • Why it is critical to build your profile in a robust, confident and clear way (and what it says to others when you don’t)
  • How to avoid the three biggest mistakes professionals make on LinkedIn
  • What your headline should be doing that most are not
  • What NOT to do in communicating your current and past roles
  • Why others need to be talking about you to give your profile credibility
  • How to craft new language to describe your best work, enhance your job descriptions and power up your professional summary so readers will understand clearly all that you have to offer, what you’ve accomplished, and why that matters
  • How to obtain powerful recommendations and testimonials
  • Ways to curate great content and build your thought leadership

Who will benefit from this consulting program?

This program is for professionals at all levels who are looking to improve their professional success, build their thought leadership, make new connections and/or land new, rewarding roles through leveraging LinkedIn.

To learn more about the program and working with Kathy, please complete Kathy’s Coaching Application here.

For more information on hands-on support to Build Your Authentic Thought Leadership as a writer, leader and influencer, click here.

If you’re wishing for full copywriting services for your LinkedIn profile, please visit the work of Kathy’s colleague, Resume and LinkedIn profile writer Cynthia Hanson at WriteNowResume.com.

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