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Dealing with Narcissism Video Series


Dealing with Narcissism Video Training Series


Dealing with narcissism in your family or work-life? You’re not alone — and finally, there’s help.


If you believe you’re dealing with the negative impact of narcissism in your life, and are looking for expert support and guidance, join Marriage and Family Therapist Janneta Bohlander and international “Finding Brave” expert and Career Coach Kathy Caprino and finally, get the help you need!

Both Janneta and Kathy have had in-depth experience dealing with narcissism, both in their personal lives, and in their professional work, and have helped hundreds of clients heal and recover.

Kathy Caprino and Janneta Bohlander’s 6-Part Video Training Series Dealing with Narcissism

Delivered by Career/Personal Success Coach Kathy Caprino and Marriage and Family Therapist Janneta Bohlander, this 6-part video training series delivers critical information on the various dimensions of dealing with, and thriving after, narcissism.
Each program was recorded live in 2016, and offers a one-hour video training session sharing vital information on the most burning issues and topics you need to know to deal more effectively and productively with narcissists in your life, whether you are engaged personally or professionally.

Register for the entire series and take advantage of our discounted set price of $397. Or, feel free to select specific the webinars ($97 each) that pertain directly to your situation.

When you register, you’ll receive access to the video programs you select, each with a live Q&A session where we answer and address participants’ questions and challenges.

This 6-part video training series focuses teaching what you need to know about the various critical dimensions of Dealing With Narcissism. Each video session includes a live Q&A section where participants ask Janneta and Kathy their most burning questions about relationship and work-life challenges they’re facing, and how to overcome them.



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What is narcissism? How can we recognize the signs, and what do they mean?


Listen in to learn how to understand the typical patterns and behaviors of a narcissist mother, and how those behaviors affected your development as a daughter in a system that was not healthy and loving.


What you need to understand if you’re contemplating divorcing a narcissist, or engaged in separation or divorce.


What to do when you realize that your boss is a narcissist. How to limit the damage, and understand what your best next steps are.


Listen in and learn how to revise the patterns that are keeping you from deep, authentic love, empathy and respect.


In this session, Kathy and Janneta address a wide range of participants’ questions all about: how to heal, recover, let go of the pain of narcissism, grieving the love you didn’t receive, separating and individuating, building stronger boundaries, communicating powerfully, and finally, standing up for what you need and deserve, for yourself and your children.


Your Hosts

Join Marriage and Family Therapist Janneta Bohlander, LMFT — 20-year therapeutic expert in helping clients deal with narcissism, depression, anxiety and self-esteem issues — and Kathy Caprino, M.A. – trained marriage and family therapist and international “Finding Brave” expert and career/personal coach and adviser — for their 6-part webinar series dedicated to helping individuals who are facing or have faced narcissism in their lives. The series aims to support individuals in recovering, healing, and successfully addressing the damaging effects of narcissism and emotional manipulation in life, work, and relationships.

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