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WORK With Kathy – The Nation’s Top Career and Leadership Breakthrough Coach for  Female Professionals, Executives, Managers and Leaders

Greater awareness equals greater choice, and greater choice leads to making the best, bravest and most effective decisions and actions to build your most thrilling, rewarding and impactful career.

In the last 17 years, I’ve helped over 20,000 professional women across 26 countries and 6 continents build more rewarding, exciting careers of significance that they deeply value. My focus is on supporting emerging and seasoned female leaders and managers from virtually every major industry experience true breakthrough – to a higher level of confidence, impact, strategic vision, executive presence, communication efficacy, relational integrity, and ultimate contribution that generates: 

  • Far greater reward, fulfillment and impact doing meaningful and satisfying work 
  • Stronger performance results 
  • Healthier, more positive work relationships  
  • Greater success and recognition – personally and for their staff and teams
  • Successful new innovations, products and services that positively contribute to the world 
  • Greater diversity, equity and inclusion and workplaces that work for all
  • Overall greater reward, impact and fulfillment and happiest in your work and professional initiatives 

In my coaching work, I draw on 40 years of professional experience, as a former corporate Vice President, trained therapist, and internationally recognized career & leadership coach, Senior Forbes contributor, host of a top-ranked global podcast Finding Brave, speaker, and bestselling author. I focus on delivering expert professional- and leadership-growth coaching training and coaching that supports high-potential women and their teams to reach their highest visions and goals.

I have a keen and unique ability to understand your career trajectory clearly and quickly and see within it very strong signs of what is working and what is not and why. In a short amount of time working together, I help you assess specifically what is at the root of your career and leadership challenges, and help you address those challenges/issues in the most direct, transformative way.

And doing this work transforms you as a person in the process, to experience greater confidence, joy, fulfillment, self-acceptance, and motivation – as an inspiring individual, contributor and leader.

My Career and Leadership Breakthrough Coaching Programs – along with the work of my team of leadership, career and branding coaches – have helped thousands of professional women close their power gaps to become braver, more self-confident, strategic, impactful and, ultimately, more successful in all they do. 

The ultimate result:

My clients experience breakthrough to make the behavioral and mindset shifts required to embrace positive power and reach a whole new level of success and leadership, making a stronger positive difference in their roles, organizations and in the world. 

AND they help others rise as they rise. 

And as a trusted LinkedIn voice with over 800,000+ followers and in my writing on Forbes, Thrive Global and other platforms, and as a top podcaster, I have interviewed some of the most renowned leadership and career experts in the nation, and I share all that I’ve learned with my clients, to help them thrive.  


I’m guessing that you’re here because you’re a professional woman who is ready to step up her contribution, reward and impact in her role and career, and is ready to “find brave” to create it. You’ve already had success in your work but you’re looking to supercharge your career and leadership growth, to reach your highest, most thrilling potential, and help others do the same. And you want to leverage more fully your natural talents, skills and achievements in joyful ways to generate outcomes that matter to you.

I’m an author as well, and my first book was Breakdown, Breakthrough exploring the 12 “hidden” crises working women face and how we overcome them. My 2nd book, published Summer 2020 by HarperCollins Leadership in the U.S. and Murdoch Books in Australia, is The Most Powerful You: 7 Bravery-Boosting Paths to Career Bliss, (now being translated into Polish, Chinese and Arabic) sharing vital information about the 7 most damaging power gaps that negatively impact 98% of professional women and 90% of men face — keeping them from thriving and reaching their highest and most thrilling potential.

Amazingly, 98% of women surveyed are facing at least one of these gaps and over 75% have three or more. When we have these gaps, we simply can’t thrive at the highest level in our work or our lives.

The book (and my Most Powerful You course and work) offers proven strategies, solutions and tips from 30+ of the nation’s experts in fields of key importance to career and leadership success, along with riveting real-life stories of clients and course members who’ve overcome these gaps and transformed their lives.

As a trusted media source on women, careers and leadership, I’ve been interviewed in over 200 top national publications and websites, and in my own blogs, I’ve interviewed hundreds of leadership experts, influencers, Pulitzer-prize winners, spiritual leaders, creatives, business gurus and entertainment/sports figures (names you’ve heard of, including Tony Robbins, John Maxwell, Howard Behar, Venus Williams, etc.) who’ve made a huge difference in the world through their work. I draw on all my learnings from these top experts in the coaching I offer my clients.

My coaching clients range from professional women who want to uplevel their careers to committed female leaders who want even more positive power, authority, impact and strategic vision in their leadership to make a positive mark in the world. You can read more about my story here.

For testimonials and praise for my work, please click here, and visit my LinkedIn profile.

My coaching philosophy and approach is rather simple and takes the lead from Albert Einstein who said…

“You cannot solve a problem on the level of consciousness that created it. “


Why female leaders and mid- to high-level career professional women hire me…

I help women achieve focused, powerful results that transform their careers and lives. I strive to help you achieve a massive return on your coaching investment. This includes:

  • Landing amazing new roles
  • Getting the promotion you deserve
  • Earning significantly more money
  • Networking powerfully
  • Achieving greater leadership impact
  • Generating more happiness and work-life balance
  • Expanding your thought leadership
  • Building stronger relationships
  • Pivoting or changing careers

and more…

In every call, I’m working toward helping you achieve a true breakthrough.

  • I align and tailor your private coaching program with your highest strengths, values, talents and visions.
  • I leverage my corporate experience as well as my therapeutic lens to help you generate huge shifts – in your career, relationships, communication, and impact – to make sure you are getting the results you want.
  • The ultimate goal is to help you experience greater joy, satisfaction, purpose, fulfillment, impact, and authority, all with fewer challenges, conflicts and problems.

My coaching programs are ideal for mid- to high-level professional women who are…

  • Looking for a top-level, experienced career and leadership coach who has been at your level and can help you strategize exactly how to achieve the breakthrough you’re looking for — faster and more effectively than possible on your own
  • Willing to address personal aspects of your career as well as the professional ones, and are ready to step into making the internal and external shifts to live and work in ways that are thrilling and rewarding
  • Excited to grow as a leader and uplifter, so you can help others grow and thrive as you do, to create “The Most Powerful We” together
  • Committed to shifting key mindsets and behaviors to build more success, reward and impact in ways that align with who you really are  
  • Ready to invest in your own growth
  • Wanting to reach your highest, most thrilling potential, with amazing joy and reward, towards outcomes that make you feel proud and inspired!

Who this is not for

My “swim lane” and deep expertise is coaching, training and serving mid- to high-level professional women who have had some great success in their careers but are ready to create something more rewarding, thrilling and impactful, on their own authentic terms.

For other professionals who aren’t a fit with my coaching programs, who are just starting on their journey, for instance, I recommend checking out my Coaching team and these resources:

Books: Breakdown, Breakthrough and The Most Powerful You: 7 Bravery-Boosting Paths to Career Bliss

Blog: blog

Forbes blog “Career Bliss

YouTube channel

Build Your Authentic Thought Leadership resources

Get Hired Fast support

LinkedIn Support and my LinkedIn newsletter “The Finding Brave Circle”

Dealing with Narcissism support

…for ongoing help.

Also, tune into my weekly Finding Brave podcast. It continually ranks in the Top 100 Apple Career podcasts in the U.S. and around the world and gives listeners deep, insider tips and insights for becoming braver, closing your power gaps, and building the career and leadership impact you dream of, straight from inspiring experts, creatives, bestselling authors, and movers and shakers who are making a huge impact for positive good.

Finally, take my top assessments and FREE career growth webinars to learn more about yourself and move forward quickly:

How We Work Together

I like to keep things simple and straightforward.

First, I’d love to know more about you. If you relate to what you’ve read so far, I’d love to connect further. (Please fill out the form at the bottom of this page so I can learn more).

Once I understand more about you and your goals, and assuming we want to join forces to help you reach your highest potential, I and my team will offer some options for programs that closely fit with your values, goals and needs.

Your Next Steps

If you’re a committed female professional, leader, or executive ready to rock your career and make the impact you dream to, I’d love to hear from you!

Check out my private coaching programs here and fill out the form below, and my team will review your responses and get back to you as soon as possible with suggested next steps.

Thank you so much for your interest. I can’t wait to learn more about you, and here’s to helping you become the most powerful and impactful you!

Brave love to you,

P.S. Once you complete the coaching app below, we’ll automatically add you to my 6-day Amazing Career Challenge email series, which is chock-full of helpful resources, information and strategies to help you uplevel your career. Thanks so much for joining my career growth community!


Ready for your career breakthrough?


Recent testimonials:

“Working with Kathy is a life-changing experience… She’s so authentic and in this day and age when so many people are just not themselves and don’t dare to be who they are in the world, Kathy is a gem. She turns up every day her true self and walks the talk of Finding Brave…and I admire her profoundly. I will always be grateful to Kathy for the time she spent with us on this program.”  

“Kathy Caprino has helped me so much in my career! Thanks for give me courage to believe in myself NOW!””

“Now I understand what Kathy means when she talks about having a “breakthrough” moment. I had one on our very first session! This is the best investment I have EVER made in myself!”

“When I learned of your coaching program, I was living in Shanghai and really struggling with my career. At the time, it sounded like a near impossible endeavor, but thanks to your coaching I am now attending the University of Notre Dame law school working toward my dream career! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You really gave me the push I needed to believe that I had the power to take the reins and change the trajectory of my career and my life. I frequently find myself thinking back to our conversations and drawing strength from the guidance you gave me. I can’t thank you enough for helping me get the confidence to take the first step on this journey. It’s been an incredible ride!”

“I talk about and reflect on Kathy’s program often. It was a game changer for me in building my confidence and shifting my mindset in such a way that I am embracing my work and have a vision for how to continue making it what I want it to be. I feel much more in control of my career. I can’t thank you enough!”

“Kathy Caprino is the real deal. You’ll love her mind and her heart. What she offers to career women is data driven, yet practical in its application. I encourage you to take advantage of her programs and live the life you were meant to live.”

“Figuring out how to get the most out of your career is no easy task. Amidst feelings of uncertainty, fear, or simply a desire for more, there is no better guide than Kathy. Her programs give you practical tools to help you create the life you’ve dreamed of living–and achieve happiness and success like never before!”

“Kathy Caprino knows her stuff. She’s a leading thinker on women and success, and a trusted guide through the process of taking control of your career and getting what you want. Her advice and insights will help you reach the next level.”

For more testimonials and endorsements, click here.