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Live Coaching


JOIN Kathy’s New YouTube Reality Career Coaching Series
“I Bailed On My Big Career Dream – Help Me Get It Back!”


Do you feel that you’ve lost connection to the big career dream and vision you once had? Are you stuck in a career you dislike and just don’t know how to change it to something you’ll love that will make you great money and meet your other needs and values?

You’re in the right place!

Kathy Caprino – internationally-recognized career coach and consultant – would  love to help you in a LIVE complimentary 60-minute coaching session that will be part of her new YouTube series “I Bailed On My Big Career Dream – Help Me Get It Back!”

To apply to be considered for this free coaching opportunity via a pre-recorded online call on with Kathy, please complete the application below!

If you’re accepted, you’ll hear from Kathy’s team via email to work out next steps.

*Please Note: All coaching sessions for this series are conducted via Kathy’s Zoom online platform and recorded for viewing on YouTube at a later date, and no travel is required. Be advised that we explore and discuss both personal and professional information on the coaching call, including aspects of your childhood, the personal and professional challenges you’re facing, your “power gaps” and your biggest fears, your thrilling dreams for the future, what needs to change now (in your work, relationships and your life) to be happier, and more.

In order to be considered, please subscribe to Kathy’s YouTube channel and complete the application below. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get free career coaching and consulting help you need to move forward fast. And get it for FREE!



For testimonials from clients about their work with Kathy, click here.

See below for a sample of endorsements:

“Working with Kathy is a life-changing experience… She’s so authentic and in this day and age when so many people are just not themselves and don’t dare to be who they are in the world, Kathy is a gem. She turns up every day her true self and walks the talk of Finding Brave…and I admire her profoundly. I will always be grateful to Kathy for the time she spent with us on this program.”-Anita Greenwood

“Kathy Caprino has helped me so much in my career! Thanks for give me courage to believe in myself NOW!”

“Now I understand what Kathy means when she talks about having a “breakthrough” moment. I had one on our very first session! This is the best investment I have EVER made in myself!”

“When I learned of your coaching program, I was living in Shanghai and really struggling with my career. At the time, it sounded like a near impossible endeavor, but thanks to your coaching I am now attending the University of Notre Dame law school working toward my dream career! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You really gave me the push I needed to believe that I had the power to take the reins and change the trajectory of my career and my life. I frequently find myself thinking back to our conversations and drawing strength from the guidance you gave me. I can’t thank you enough for helping me get the confidence to take the first step on this journey. It’s been an incredible ride!”

“I talk about and reflect on Kathy’s program often. It was a game changer for me in building my confidence and shifting my mindset in such a way that I am embracing my work and have a vision for how to continue making it what I want it to be. I feel much more in control of my career. I can’t thank you enough!”

For more about Kathy’s one-on-one programs, click here.