Career and Business Breakthrough! - Kathy Caprino

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Career and Business Breakthrough!

5 Critical Steps to Shift Your Life, Career and Business To Do More of What You Love, With People You Love, With More Reward and Happiness

Are you a professional woman longing for a breakthrough to more joy, fulfillment and success and in your life and career? You’re not alone.

Seven out of 10 working women report that they are facing a major turning point in their professional lives, and over half don’t know what to do about it.

In this powerful three-hour workshop, Caprino gives you the guidance, insight and solutions you need to create your breakthrough to the next level of success.  She explores the key findings of her yearlong national study— identifying the 12 hidden challenges women face in their worklives and businesses, and shares concrete, practical strategies, steps and tips for breaking through these challenges and launching to the next level.

Kathy helps you visualize more clearly your BIG dreams, and successfully create a pathway to achieving them, through her five-step holistic model for breakthrough. Kathy also shares personal stories of dramatic career and work-life transformation from the hundreds of successful women she’s interviewed and coached —her own included— and shows how women are overcoming their challenges to reclaim the direction of their lives, careers and businesses for greater passion, power, purpose and financial reward.

Attendees of this breakthrough program will:

  • Learn the 12 warning signs that your career and business has to shift today
  • Understand the meaning behind the key transitions occurring in your career or business, and what to do about them
  • “See” and release blocks you are experiencing in achieving the success you long for
  • Develop a clear concept of your ideal next chapter and your BIG dream
  • Learn how to bring about the right kind of change through Kathy’s five-step breakthrough model
  • Receive in-depth training on the 16 core strategies for achieving AMAZING success
  • Develop new supportive relationships and learn from other attendees about their success strategies and practices
  • Leave with concrete “to-dos” and a renewed energy for your professional breakthrough – to live, work and earn as you truly want to

Launching your BIG dreams in the world takes a big and ongoing dose of clarity, confidence, courage and creation.  Kathy shows you how to achieve your breakthrough to the next level of success with the right vision, action, and planning.  Get the inspiration and guidance you need to create lasting success and fulfillment in your life and work.