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Kathy Caprino LLC Coaching Team

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Kathy Caprino, LLC now offers top-level coaching, consulting and advising for both women and men who are at a wide range of levels and roles in corporate, non-profit, academic, entrepreneurial and other organizations, through her new Coaching Team.

This hand-selected team is comprised of top-level experts from an array of specializations in coaching, consulting, executive and career development, leadership management and personal growth.

If you’re a professional female or male in the C-suite, or mid- to high-level management, or just beginning in your career, let us know what type of help you’re looking for, and we’ll be happy to match you with a top coach from the team to support your highest goals and visions.

The experts on Kathy’s Coaching team include selected certified members of her Amazing Career™ Certified Coaches as well as other leading expert coaches and consultants who possess highly-developed coaching skills and expertise that round out Kathy Caprino LLC’s offerings. Team members run their own independent practices and businesses and engage in high-level thought leadership, including writing, speaking, training, teaching, coaching and consultancy work and other key initiatives serving professionals around the world.

The team is international and based in locations in the US, Canada, Hong Kong and Australia. All are available virtually. Coaching is available for both self-pay clients and those whose organizations wish to sponsor their leadership and management coaching.

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And for more about working with Kathy directly as your career development coach (focused on mid- to high-level professional women who want to build rewarding and successful careers of significance), please CLICK HERE to learn more and to complete Kathy’s private coaching application.


Meet The Team

Personal Branding + Career Clarity

Janine Manning
Target clientele: Professional men and women wanting clarity on career strategy underpinned by a personal brand that shapes opportunity.

Janine is a career strategist and formidable motivator, Janine expertly combines career coaching with personal branding to inspire professionals to stamp their unique version of outstanding on the world. 

Janine has personally embraced two career transitions and four relocations in her pursuit of a fulfilling career and abundant life. Her quest was born from feeling like she never brought her whole self to her work. She wanted to know what it felt like to show up every day and hustle for something that felt real and deeply engaging. To be outstanding. 

Having found her ultimate career, Janine now leverages her 15 years of global marketing experience and ten years of coaching and facilitating corporate and private clients in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and throughout Asia, to bring a laser-focus to her client’s quest. 

Janine’s awareness of the subtle cultural nuances and belief systems present in different regions equips her to understand and unlock the barriers to success for her global client base. Janine especially enjoys supporting local talent to realize their international business potential and is a champion of women’s empowerment through her Domestic Helper Community program called Goal Setting for Dream Making. 

Janine holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Curtin University of Technology in Australia, a PCC Certification with the International Coaching Federation (ICF), a Lambent International Coaching Certification (ICC, EQA EMCC), certification as a Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Integrative Enneagram Practitioner; and most recently as an Amazing Career Certified Coach. 

Janine’s Specializations: 

  • 35 – 45-year-old women wanting to play bigger, who are driven, hungry and wanting to maximize their talents with a career strategy and personal brand to match.
  • Professional men wanting clarity on career strategy underpinned by a personal brand that shapes opportunity.
  • Professional personal branding client – someone who is/has made a career transition, or someone who has minimal credibility or visibility in their given field/organization.

Janine is also certified in Kathy’s Amazing Career™ Coach Certification Training.

Based In: Hong Kong

Click here to learn more about Janine.


Career Pivot Towards Soulful Success

Cynthia Radford
Target clientele: Professionals at a pivot point in their lives who want to reboot, build resilience and reawaken a path to purpose and soulful success.

Cynthia is a a highly experienced Executive Coach and Master Facilitator of Kathy’s Amazing Career™ Coach Certification Training.

Following corporate roles in Management and Organization Development, Cynthia launched her own consultancy where she’s helped diverse teams and leaders from more than forty countries align, thrive and accomplish important work.

Netflix, BMW, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Fossil, MetLife China, Red Bull, Düsseldorf University, NASA, Microsoft Latin America, Coca Cola, Aegon Asia, American Express, NBC Universal and Hilton are a few of the organizations Cynthia’s been honored to serve the past twenty-plus years.

She holds an MS in Instructional Design from Purdue University and taught on the adjunct faculty at Furman University where her subjects included Global Leadership, Leading Change, Creativity, and Building Effective Teams.

She’s been described as passionate, knowledgeable and a breath of fresh air while working across the United States and in Argentina, Canada, Brazil, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, England, Ireland, Germany, Thailand, Switzerland, France, Colombia, Malaysia, and Australia.

Cynthia facilitates higher level conversations, community and reflection to replenish women so they can keep making our world a better place and achieve soulful success.

Cynthia’s Specializations: 

  • 50+ women wishing to reclaim their True-ness (most authentic talents, gifts and passions) to make their next chapter one of significance and sustainability.
  • Professionals at a pivot point in their lives who want to reboot, build resilience and reawaken a path to purpose and soulful success.
  • Leaders wanting to create a cohesive and aligned team culture where diverse people genuinely look forward to coming to work and making a positive difference together.

Cynthia is Master Facilitator of Kathy’s Amazing Career™ Coach Certification Training.

Based In: Upstate South Carolina

Click here to learn more about Cynthia. 


Career Growth and Transitions for Senior Executives

Dr. Lucille Maddalena, Ed.D, SPHR
Target clientele: Individuals who are successful and now find themselves in transition, seeking to join or accept a position of greater responsibility at a global corporation or not-for profit organization.

Lucille is an Executive Coach, Leadership Trainer, and Consultant in Organization Development. She holds a Doctorate in Education from Rutgers University with an interdisciplinary major in Human Communications and Labor Education.

She works with Senior Leaders and their teams, by encouraging a practical self-coaching process to build collaboration, engagement and trust. 

For the first 20 years of her career, her firm Morris Business Group, a Management Consulting firm, worked for firms such as Alcoa and 5 of the major global pharmaceutical companies.  She then evolved to Maddalena Transitions Management during the second 20 years, maintaining her client base and expanding to center her work around Coaching. Click here for Case Study examples of her work in detail.

Dr. Maddalena is best known for her work supporting Senior Executives during career and business transitions to align team goals with expectations, bridging interpersonal communication and practical business management. 

As a key part of global leadership initiatives, she has created Coaching models for clients, functioning as Master Coach to identify and manage Leadership Coaches at regional sites. She has guided over 6,000 corporate executives at Fortune 100 firms to successfully advance in their careers during times of organization change. 

As your Executive Coach, she will gladly share her expertise in Human Communications and experience in the pharmaceutical, medical and construction industries as well as manufacturing and communications. Whether you work or live in the US or internationally, a successful career is demanding: Lucille will find a way to integrate your work goals with the captivating family activities that bring joy to your life.

Lucille’s Specializations: 

  • Professionals in transition and/or seeking new, inspiring career options with an organization that values commitment, caring and recognition.
  • Supporting Senior Executives during career and business transitions to align team goals and explore new possibilities for success.
  • Corporate executives looking to define their Executive Presence to gain recognition and a voice at the table.

Based In: New Brunswick, NJ

Click here to learn more about Lucille.


Professional Women At A Crossroads & Preparing for Difficult Conversations

Jane Zakreski
Target clientele: Professional women at a pivotal crossroads, as well as those experiencing interpersonal conflict at work, and those who want support for preparing for difficult conversations.

Jane is a professional career and conflict coach dedicated to helping women wake up, speak up, show up strong and claim bigger dreams. 

Jane knows first-hand that life does not always go as planned and our “happily ever after” sometimes gets derailed. The good news is, if we tell the truth, we can create space for greater possibilities. 

Getting back on track begins with painfully honest answers to two questions: “What is essential for me to be satisfied at this time in my work and life? Who do I need to become to achieve my definition of success?” 

Countless times, Jane has witnessed the power of using this personal clarity as the foundation for work and life design. When coupled with the courage to act and collaborate with others, transformation happens. 

Jane has a Master’s degree in Education, and her graduate research focused on facilitating transformative learning. She is also a trained interest-based mediator, negotiator, and conflict resolution expert. 

Jane coaches professional women of all ages, in various career stages, who want to communicate more assertively and quit avoiding tough conversations at work. 

Jane has coached over 2000 leaders and professionals in the Canadian private and public sectors. 

Jane specializes in coaching women who want to thrive at the work they love, to live the life they want, and to make collaboration with others work. 

Jane’s Specializations: 

  • 45 – 55 plus professional women at career crossroads or in transition. Accomplished women wondering, “Is this all there is?” or “So now, what?”, women willing to take a pause for clarity about purpose and priorities, wanting career choices to reflect personal definitions of success, and strategies to increase career-life satisfaction.
  • Professional women struggling with interpersonal conflicts at work, wanting clarity on their conflict approach, how to quit avoiding and accommodating and learn how to respond instead of reacting.
  • Professional women wanting to prepare for a high-stakes conversation, practice how to speak assertively, manage emotions, and ask for what they want and need. 

Jane is also certified in Kathy’s Amazing Career™ Coach Certification Training.

Based In: Edmonton, AB, Canada

Click here to learn more about Jane. 


CEOS and C-Suite Executives 

Mitch Shepard
Target clientele: Leaders looking to inject DEI content into the DNA of their companies.

Mitch is an applied behavioural scientist, DEI Coach & leadership development expert, and the CEO of HUMiN Inclusion Partners.

Back in the day Mitch led outdoor expeditions for executive teams and managers; helping people push beyond their perceived limitations and unite to achieve big goals. Mitch traded in tents for boardrooms some 20 years ago and has sinc earned a reputation as a trusted advisor and coach to some of the worlds top leaders across companies such as: Amazon, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Skype, FedEx, Starbucks, ABG, Biogen Idec, Bristol Myers Squibb, and Illumina to name a few. 

Mitch founded her first company, Dynamic Interactions, in 2001 – developing leaders and their teams around the globe, facilitating creative and effective team building programs that got to the heart of team dynamics and accelerated team trust & performance.

In 2013 Mitch founded WIRL Leadership Series, an innovative development program for rising-star female leaders, that combined online digital learning tools with monthly coaching cohorts. Her programs have been proven to achieve up to 2000% ROI for her clients.

In 2015 Mitch founded HUMiN Inclusion Partners with the express goal of helping clients succeed in this vibrantly diverse and global economy. Mitch has become a trusted voice in the ever-growing focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Mitch coaches and consults with clients on best practices related to most pressing DEI issues & challenges. Clients work with Mitch to develop strategic DEI roadmaps (1:1 or team consult), to inject DEI content into the DNA of existing leader or manager programs, data collection and solidifying meaningful metrics to track progress.

Based In: Seattle, WA

Click here to learn more about Mitch.


Anthony Palombit
Target clientele: CEOs and C-Suite executives in Fortune 500, PE and VC portfolio companies

Anthony is an executive coach for CEOs and C-Suite executives in Fortune 500, Private Equity, and Venture Capital portfolio companies.

He holds extensive expertise in the field of personality and emotional intelligence assessments. Anthony has trained over 2,000 facilitators and clinicians in their use.

His experience covers over seven years of international experience living and working in London, Paris, Cannes, Hong Kong, and Barbados.

Anthony speaks French fluently and converses in Italian.

Anthonys client list includes:

Journalism: The New York Times
Retail: Burlington Stores, Banana Republic, GAP, Victoria’s Secret, Nike, Target, Fitbit
Technology: VMware, Logitech, Cisco Systems, IBM, eBay, PayPal, Microsoft
Big Pharma and Biotech: Pfizer, J&J, Eli Lilly, Biogen, Ipsen, Camp4, Genentech, Amazon/PillPack
Education: MIT Media Lab, Columbia, UPenn, Wharton Executive Education
Government: the UN, the CIA, the Department of Defense, the IRS
Financial Services: BlackRock, American Express
Sports and Entertainment: the NFL, MTV, Cirque du Soleil
Private Equity: Bain Capital, Advent International
Venture Capital: The Engine, Neoteny.

Anthony’s Specializations: 

  •  C-suite executives of Fortune 1000 and PE portfolio companies.
  • Those seeking expertise in the field of leadership development assessments (personality, emotional intelligence, leadership impact, 360s and thinking styles).

Based In: San Francisco, California

Click here to learn more about Anthony.


Paul Marciano
Target clientele: Helping employees and companies reach their full potential through enhancing employee engagement and retention, focusing on respect, collaboration and successful communication.

Dr. Paul Marciano is a leading authority on employee engagement and retention. He earned his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Yale University where he specialized in behavior modification and motivation. Paul has served on the faculties of Davidson College and Princeton University where he has taught courses in Leadership, Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Survey Development, Research Methods and Statistics.

Paul has worked in the field of Organizational Development for 25 years and is president of the human relations consulting firm Whiteboard, LLC, a company committed to helping organizations cultivate, manage, and grow their human capital. Paul is also a strategic adviser to Kudos Inc. an innovative SaaS employee engagement platform.

His best-selling book Carrots and Sticks Don’t Work: Build a Culture of Employee Engagement with the Principles of RESPECT™ has been translated into several languages and received many accolades, including being named one of the 100 Best Human Resource Books of All Time by Book Authority.

Dr. Paul’s newest release, Let’s Talk About It: Turning Confrontation into Collaboration at Work, provides readers with the skills necessary to have straightforward and productive conversations around even the most emotionally charged issues.

Based In: Three Bridges, NJ

Click here to learn more about Paul.


Doug Hensch
Target clientele: Doug takes a step-by-step approach to help VPs, senior leaders and CEOs find their way to lasting success, using validated psychometrics and goal-setting exercises that help chart a course for success.

Doug brings a wealth of experience and passion to the work he provides for his clients. His philosophy is simple: Set meaningful goals. Identify your strengths. Work in them regularly.

This philosophy guided him at Nextel Communications where he led the company’s eCare efforts that resulted in yearly savings that exceeded $10 million. Working in his strengths with purpose helped him launch a leading self-improvement web site that helped over 100,000 people increase their well-being and resilience.

Doug has touched the lives of business executives, managers, and individual contributors with innovative coaching, engaging workshops, and thought-provoking consulting. Dr. Martin Seligman, Fox Leadership Professor of Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania and the ‘father of Positive Psychology,’ referred to Doug as one of his “most talented young colleagues.”

His expertise is in coaching, facilitation, instructional design, and consulting. He has created workshops that focus on resilience, strengths, well-being and goals. In addition, Doug has been called upon to lead courses designed by his clients in the areas of consulting skills, presentations, conversations, and networking.

As an executive coach, Doug relies on his curiosity, experience and in-depth knowledge of human potential to help individuals set and exceed their goals. He typically uses a 360 review and several assessments (including the TKI and EQ-i 2.0) to lay the groundwork for transformation. Doug received his training and coaching credentials through the International Coaching Academy.

His clients include the following: Freddie Mac, NOVAVAX, Georgetown University, American Geophysical Union, Baker Tilly, National Institutes of Health (NIH), PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Maxar, Food and Drug Administration (FDA), MITRE, George Mason University, and Verizon.

Doug received his Bachelor’s in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania. He also earned a Master’s in Education and a Master’s in Organizational Management. Doug attended the International Coach Academy for his coaching credentials and is certified by the International Coaching Federation.

Doug’s Specializations: 

  • 35-55 year-old men in executive positions with bigger ambitions and goals.
  • Executives looking for research-based tools for becoming better leaders.
  • Individuals searching for better ways to make decisions, solve problems, hire competent personnel and develop high-performing teams.
  • Leaders attempting to improve their communication skills, particularly in times of conflict and disagreement.

Based In: Leesburg, VA

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