Radical Happiness Without Radical Reinvention - Kathy Caprino

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Radical Happiness Without Radical Reinvention

How Consistent, Brave Micro Steps Can Transform How You Live and Work 


In this inspiring and motivational program, Kathy Caprino — “America’s Breakthrough Coach,” Forbes contributor, and leadership and executive developer of women — shares key strategies, solutions and approaches based on her research and work with over 13,000 professional women around the globe for identifying your true passions and talents, and finding exciting new ways to leverage those to build a rewarding, impactful career you’ll love.

So many people today believe that, in order to be fully happy in their work, they have to “chuck everything and start over” or move in a completely different direction.

Kathy’s debunks this myth, helping women pave the way today for radical happiness without having to completely reinvent or begin again. She explores her key research findings that the best, most powerful micro steps and brave pathways to tremendous success and happiness in work involve identifying what’s already there inside of us (the hidden passions, gifts, and potential), and leveraging those more powerfully and authoritatively, while also releasing the blocks that keep women from playing smaller than they dream to.

Drawing on her own in-depth experience as a corporate executive, entrepreneur and small business owner, as well as her book Breakdown, Breakthrough, her work as a marriage and family therapist, career consultant, and recognized writer, Kathy shares inspiring real-life stories and an effective, proven model that guides attendees through the process of:

1) uncovering their true talents and gifts
2) honing their passions
3) connecting the important dots and themes of their lives
4) clearing the pathway of obstacles in the way of more passion and success.

She also teaches important new ways to determine the best directions that will represent the most successful marriage of what you want AND need in life and work.

This 5-step process helps women to recognize and honor the potential inside them, and identify concrete actions to take immediately in their life, families, work and communities that will bring greater happiness, reward and fulfillment.

In this presentation, you’ll learn small but powerhouse ways to:

  • Identify your special talents, gifts and passions
  • Connect the dots and critical themes of your life
  • Tease out potential new directions that support and honor those talents
  • Understand the true meaning behind what you long for in life and why
  • Uncover and release the blocks in the way of more happiness and passion in your work and life
  • Build stronger boundaries to achieve more life authority
  • Develop a BOLD Action Plan for your personal and professional growth

As one who has crafted a passion-filled career and business of significance and helped thousands of women do the same, Kathy is thrilled to share a proven roadmap for those who wish to build their best work and their best life.

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What people are saying:

“What a life changing program! You are simply wonderful, thank you!!!” – LeAnna C.

So inspiring and spot on!!! THANK YOU!!!!” – Y.B.

Kathy, I could hear your kindness, openness, experience and intelligence. I SO appreciate and need what you shared. Perfect timing.  I will be taking your wise words of encouragement to heart and to action. One day at a time.”  – J.H.

Amazing presentation, Kathy. I would love to have my son, nephew and niece participate as it’s great for teenagers and young adults as well.” – W. Z.


For more information and to inquire about hosting Kathy for a program at your organization or conference, please contact Kathy’s team at kathy@kathycaprino.com