Fast Track To Career Bliss - Kathy Caprino

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Fast Track To Career Bliss

How to Dig Deep, Discover Your Right Work, and Illuminate the World With It

This powerful and transformative interactive keynote is designed with the needs and desires of professional women in mind, to help them:

  • Uncover their amazing gifts, talents and strengths
  • Gain deeper insight into how to move forward to shine their unique light and make a bigger impact
  • Identify the best direction and action for them now
  • Learn the five key steps to take before them make ANY change
  • Understand their preferred action-orientation style and what that means for their life and career

This program is ideal for professional women, of all levels, stages and functions, who:

  • Feel inspired to make a bigger difference and impact
  • Are ready to take BOLD action to build more career success, happiness and reward
  • Long to broadcast more happiness and success, and inspire those around them
  • Are excited for BOLD growth and action!

In short, if your audience of professional women wants to achieve more happiness, success and reward, AND make a more positive impact on the world around them, this program is a perfect fit.

In this powerhouse interactive presentation, Kathy Caprino, M.A. – America’s “Breakthrough” Success Coach for women – shares fresh, exciting information on how to identify what you’re passionate about, muster the courage to pursue it, and light up the world with it.  Kathy shares proven success strategies, solutions, and tips (that she’s used to help over 13,000 career women around the globe as well as herself) break through to the next level of success and happiness in their life and work, and build a successful career of significance that they’ll love for a lifetime.

She also explores how to get out of your own way so that exponential growth and happiness are finally possible.

Highlighting 10 critical inner shifts that must be made to pave the way for ultimate success and happiness, Kathy helps you visualize your BIG goals, and get moving toward them with one small but essential step.

Attendees of this breakthrough program will learn:

  • How your unhappiness is damaging your career and your life
  • The most common ways people sabotage their own success
  • The 6 dominant action styles and why it’s critical to know and leverage yours
  • How to identify what you’re passionate about and build a career around it
  • The 10 essential inner and outer steps to build a happier, more satisfying career
  • The one, BOLD commitment to make today if you want more happiness in your work

Creating more happiness, success and reward – and honoring what you really care about — requires clarity, confidence, and courage. Kathy shows you how to get it.

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What people are saying:

“What a life changing program! You are simply wonderful, thank you!!!” – LeAnna C., September 2014

“So inspiring and spot on!!! THANK YOU!!!!” – Y.B., July 2015

“Kathy, I could hear your kindness, openness, experience and intelligence. I SO appreciate and need what you shared. Perfect timing.  I will be taking your wise words of encouragement to heart and to action. One day at a time.”  – J.H., September 2014

“Amazing presentation, Kathy. I would love to have my son, nephew and niece participate as it’s great for teenagers as well.” – W. Z., September 2015