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Free Resources for Coaches

Resources for Coaches to Thrive in the Coaching Field

My 4-part video training series on The 6 Critical C’s To Building a Successful Coaching Business


These four videos will cover:

  1. Building clarity & confidence in your work and offerings.
  2. Developing your competitive advantage & support connections.
  3. Becoming a savvy communicator & marketer.
  4. Establishing your essential, proven model for change.

When you sign up to access this training, you’ll also receive my e-guide on 10 Crippling Mistakes New Coaches Make And How To Avoid Them. Click here to access the free training.



How To Build Credibility as a Career Coach – Podcast Episode

How To Become A Career Coach, with Scott Barlow: How To Build Credibility As a Career Coach with Kathy Caprino

This episode is in discussion with Kathy Caprino, who helps people make significant career moves as a career coach. You will be able to gain insight as we talk to experienced career coaches, exploring how it really is to be a career coach, the challenges they overcame and many lessons learned along the way. Click here to listen.


The Amazing Career™ Coach Certification


Are you longing to learn how to become a top-level coach or developer of professional women AND take the right marketing and business growth steps to build success, confidence and impact in a business you love?

The Amazing Career™ Coach Certification with Kathy Caprino is for you! Click here to learn more.

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