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Speaking Engagements

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An internally-recognized women’s executive, career and leadership coach, writer, trainer and sought-after speaker, Kathy Caprino, M.A. draws on her years of experience as a corporate executive, women’s researcher, career success specialist, and therapist to offer women fresh, new thinking and approaches for reclaiming passion, power and purpose — and joy — in their lives and work.

Having overcome the 12 “hidden” crises her book Breakdown Breakthrough explores, Kathy demonstrates an ability to get to the root of important professional and personal issues in an authentic, courageous and compassionate way, and engages large and small audiences alike with messages that touch the heart and inspire change. Kathy’s audiences range from national women’s organizations, teen leadership conferences, university alumni programs, corporate women’s diversity groups, training groups for emerging women leaders, entrepreneurs, mom’s groups, women in transition, and parenting organizations.

Kathy enlivens and empowers women with motivating strategies, tips and solutions that address real problems.  Dedicated to helping women “lead and succeed with  passion, power, and purpose,” Kathy is delighted to work with event organizations and planners to develop tailored programs that are relevant and meaningful to their specific audiences.

For more information or to discuss a tailored presentation for your audience, please contact Kathy at kathy@kathycaprino.com or phone her at 203-834-9933. 

What organizers and attendees are saying:

Kathy is a rare find. Her empathic approach to women and her ability to get to the root of a problem with viable, practical solutions, make her someone you can trust to provide solid, insightful advice. She engages everyone in the room instantly with her warm personality and keeps them there the entire time.  She was always the speaker people remembered and wanted more of at each of the conferences I produced. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”Suzie Galler, Founder, Esteemed Woman Foundation

“I recently attended Kathy Caprino’s “Breakdown, Breakthrough” training session in Orlando, Florida. Not only did Kathy help me to navigate through the 12 common barriers that I am facing today as a professional woman in the 21st Century workforce, but she also provided practical ways to discriminate useful information from noise. By doing so, I was able to acquire new skills to support overcoming real life scenarios. These real life scenarios involved difficult challenges that defy easy answers. Kathy also provided a one on one follow-up session to help me create an inspiring life plan and vision which included a compelling personal brand that sends a message to others about my “authentic-self”. Kathy’s commitment and passion for this cause is truly inspirational.”  – Selange Roberts, Booz Allen Hamilton

“Kathy a highly engaging speaker, delivering compelling programs as a solo presenter as well as contributing collaboratively to diverse panel discussions. Her expertise lends itself to a wide range of issues and challenges for women today, and her programs are very informative and inspiring – whether covering work/life balance, empowered communication strategies, overcoming challenge, navigating through career and midlife transitions or launching a new career and business.   I highly recommend Kathy as a speaker for women’s groups, professional women’s conferences, and career and entrepreneurial business events for women, on both regional and national levels.” — Marian Cicolello – VP, Programs and Services, CT Women’s Business Development Council

“Thank you for your wonderful presentation at the Woman of Influence event at the Staten Island Economic Development Conference.  Your words were poignant and your presentation was amazing.  I truly enjoyed your segment!”  — Sally Bartels, Staten Island Chamber of Commerce


See Kathy’s full speaking page for more info.


5 Brave Ways To Lead, Work and Motivate More Powerfully Today

Join Kathy Caprino, M.A. – internationally recognized women’s coach, writer, speaker and leadership trainer dedicated to the advancement of women — for this inspiring talk that shares the 5 core steps to igniting your fullest passion, power, and purpose in your life and work, and becoming a successful, inspiring leader and motivator of others.

Drawing on her coaching and training work with over 13,000 women around the world, her yearlong national research study and book Breakdown Breakthrough, and her writing and interviews for Forbes, Thrive Global, Huffington Post, LinkedIn, AARP and more, Kathy walks you through her proven five-step model for bringing about lasting positive change and “knock-your-sock off” success in your career and professional life.

In this presentation, you’ll learn:

  1. What holds women back today from building successful, rewarding careers they love
  2. 6 essentials ingredients for a happy, rewarding career
  3. Key traits of professional women who view themselves as highly “successful” and making a difference in the world and their organizations and communities
  4. What constitutes “finding brave” and why it’s essential to amazing career success and impact for you
  5. Kathy’s proven 5-step model for building greater happiness, success and reward today
  6. A BOLD Action Plan for your personal and professional growth

As a successful career reinventer, entrepreneur, influencer and writer, Kathy personally knows what it takes to move from “breakdown” to true breakthrough in your career.  And she knows and has experienced the cultural and societal impact on women that shapes how they think, operate and lead.

To help your audience learn how to step up to their highest potential, make the very most of their amazing talents today and leverage them powerfully in their work and careers, this program motivates, informs and uplifts.

About the Speaker:
Kathy Caprino, M.A. – Career Breakthrough Coach and Founder of Ellia Communications and the Amazing Career Project

Kathy Caprino, M.A. is an internationally-recognized women’s career success and leadership coach, writer, trainer and speaker dedicated to the advancement of women in business.  She is the author of Breakdown, Breakthrough: The Professional Woman’s Guide to Claiming a Life of Passion, Power and Purpose, and Founder/President of Ellia Communications, Inc. — a leading success coaching and leadership training firm for professional and entrepreneurial women.  Kathy is also the founder of The Amazing Career Project – a 16-week group coaching program designed to help women build happy, successful, and rewarding careers they love.  Kathy also trains new and seasoned coaches around the world in her Amazing Career Coach Certification training program

A former corporate marketing VP, trained marriage and family therapist, and seasoned coach, Kathy is a Forbes Senior Contributor, and influencers/writer on LinkedIn, Huffington Post, Thrive Global and a top media source on women’s career and entrepreneurial issues and trends, and has appeared in over 100 leading newspapers and magazines and on national radio and television.  For more information, visit www.kathycaprino.com, her new podcast Finding Brave, or write to Kathy@kathycaprino.com.  Connect with Kathy on: Twitter, FB, LinkedIn

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To schedule a media interview with Kathy, or book her for a speaking engagement on these or other topics relevant to your organization, please contact Kathy at:
Phone: (203) 834-9933
Email: kathy@kathycaprino.com