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Career & Leadership Breakthrough Coaching Program

This top-rated career and leadership growth private (1:1) coaching program with Kathy Caprino helps you achieve true breakthrough in how you’re working, communicating, managing and leading…

to achieve your best and most fulfilling work, leadership and professional impact. 


“I truly want you to know that everything I am learning through your materials and your career coaching is touching my life in such a deep and transformative way. Really, words cannot express at this point how tuned in I feel to receiving guidance and encouragement from the wisdom and practical advice that you are sharing. I’m excited about clarifying my vision and heading down a new path that is wonderfully well-suited to who I am! Julia L.

“Kathy empowers women to think bigger, better and way outside the box. She teaches us how to take charge of our lives and careers, she gives us the tools, and she also teaches us about self accountability.” – MK Kellogg

“In just a few short months, Kathy helped me figure out exactly what wasn’t working in my corporate career, address and resolve the issues, and refocus on a new career in the same company! I’m so much happier, more fulfilling, and connected to what I do now, and see a bright future ahead that I’m truly excited about. Thank you, Kathy!!” – H. W. – Connecticut

“Kathy is a truly gifted coach, speaker and author. Her intuition and skill is beyond compare. She has a way of seeing things through a different lens and pushing you to breakthrough your own view to bring your game to the next level. She helps guide you to find your courage to really elevate your space in the world. She is a blessing!” – Dr. Cindy McGovern

Are you ready to experience a truly satisfying and fulfilling professional life and career, on your own terms?

  • Do you long to be more fulfilled and successful in your role and in managing your teams?
  • Do you wish to step up your executive presence and authority, your communication strength, leadership and engagement with others?
  • Are you in transition and know it’s time for a change but don’t know to what or how to achieve it?
  • Are you wanting more balance, stronger boundaries, and overall greater work-life wellness but need new strategies to achieve it?
  • Do you wish to feel more confident, authoritative and at ease in your role?
  • Do you want to experience more meaning, impact, purpose and joy in your work?
  • Finally, do you want help to become the most empowering, motivating and transformative leader and professional you can be?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, join Kathy today in a one-on-one, private Career and Leadership Breakthrough coaching program to boost and transform your career and/or elevate and improve the one you have.

Based on Kathy’s groundbreaking work in career and leadership growth with thousands of mid- to high-level professional and executive women across 26 countries and 6 continents, this powerful program draws on Kathy’s proven five-step model for transforming your professional endeavors and career so they align closely with who you really are and what you care about most in the world. Finally, engage in work that brings your great fulfillment, success and reward along with it.

Kathy’s one-on-one coaching program supports you through proven concrete, specific and practical approaches and strategies that will unlock your executive and leadership presence, boost your confidence and communication strength, release your inner creativity and resourcefulness, and, in the end, help you achieve the ultimate growth and impact you desire in work you love.

If a more rewarding and successful professional life and career are what you want, Kathy will guide you through her 5-Step Career-Change coaching model:

  1. Step Back – Identify more clearly exactly who you are, what you’re capable of, your unique strengths and talents, and your exciting accomplishments and achievements and how you can leverage these more powerfully going forward
  2. Let Go – Uncover any core challenges, blocks and fears in your way of achieving the professional/executive impact you want and the ultimate career you envision for yourself
  3. Say YES! – Discover exactly what you want in your work in this chapter, along with the skills you love to use. Say Yes! to these visions for the future, and take practical, doable steps to begin achieving your visions
  4. Explore – “Try on” new avenues for growth so that you can differentiate between “sound-cool! ideas” vs. real-life directions that fit with your values, priorities, and needs
  5. Create It! – Develop a BOLD and S.M.A.R.T. action plan to get to your desired next level.

And, as a bonus, learn how to “close your power gaps” in the process. (Click here to read more about the 7 Damaging Power Gaps That Keep Professionals From Thriving and Leading at Work and read Kathy’s latest book The Most Powerful You: 7 Bravery-Boosting Paths to Career Bliss).

In this program, you’ll also learn vital information and take new steps to improve your work, career and leadership including:

  • How to embark on the 7 Brave Pathways to Career Bliss (Brave Sight, Brave Speak, Brave Ask, Brave Connection, Brave Challenge, Brave Service, and Brave Healing)
  • Understand and prioritize what you really want in the future
  • Keys to strengthening your confidence, self-trust and self-esteem so you can communicate, manage, and inspire others effectively and with confidence
  • Strategies for building stronger, healthier relationships and work-life balance, to receive support during times of important growth and transition
  • Effective approaches for handling challenging situations and problems, including managers and peers who are unsupportive to you
  • Essential steps for developing those who work for you, so they can thrive
  • Guidance to help you connect with supportive mentors and sponsors
  • And finally, hands-on help to create a BOLD and effective plan to achieve the professional and leadership success you long for.

The ultimate outcome?

Breakthrough – pure and simple.  As a former corporate VP and therapist, and now in coaching and consulting for over 20,000 women around the world, Kathy can help you see and feel more clearly what is holding you back from greater fulfillment, impact and reward in your work and your executive/leadership role. You’ll get on the “finding brave” path to closing your power and confidence gaps so you can thrive professionally, with greater confidence, skill, excitement, balance, and financial reward. You’ll finally crack your internal success “code” and begin your breakthrough process right in the first session.

Two approaches to choose from:
6-session program or Monthly Retainer (see below)

$3,450 covering six, 45-minute online coaching sessions


  • Email support between sessions when needed
  • LinkedIn profile development guidance and other key aspects of your personal branding and thought leadership development
  • Networking strategies to build a powerful global support community
  • Communications and thought leadership growth
  • Interview preparation help and support to analyze the results of your interviews
  • Job, promotion, and salary negotiations discussions
  • Leadership and managerial impact and growth strategies
…and more.

The program also provides Kathy’s personalized feedback on your personal results of her proprietary assessments and surveys including Career Path Self-Assessment, Dominant Action Style Quiz, Power Gap Survey, Career Success Readiness, etc.




$4,995 a month for 6 months – offering unlimited career, leadership and executive development support (via up to four Zoom calls monthly plus email and other forms of support).

For more information on Kathy’s monthly coaching retainer program for unlimited support, please contact Kathy at here.


**Please note: For more information and to discuss working with Kathy, please review her Coaching application page and complete the form.

Payments and payment plans for coaching programs with Kathy are due on time as scheduled to reserve a spot on Kathy’s private coaching roster. You are free to use your registered sessions for up to 4 months from the start of the program. Please be advised there are no refunds for these services due to high demand and limited availability, and the top-level success rates of these programs, 

For shorter-term coaching support, contact Kathy