The Quickest Path to Your Happiest Career (and Life)

Are you ready to experience significantly more happiness and reward in your work and learn the 5 essential steps to achieving more success?

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Understand what’s in the way of a happier career and livelihood for you now

Connect all the critical dots and themes of your life to leverage what you're great at and make great money doing it

Bust the 5 most damaging myths about career success that keep you from moving forward

Gain the bravery and confidence to push past your inertia, your fear of failure and fears around money to make a BRAVE move now

Follow the best, most effective transition plan in 5 doable steps – away from unsatisfying work to a career you'll love and be proud of (with small, low-risk steps)

In this free training, I’ll be sharing not only powerful career growth steps, but also life-changing strategies I've learned throughout my years as a corporate VP, marriage and family therapist, writer and media expert, and career growth coach for professional women. 

These strategies have helped over 12,000 professionals breakthrough their current challenges, and take their careers to the next level as quickly as possible, without costly mistakes and detours.

Learn the Quickest Path to Your Happiest Career

If you're ready to experience significantly more happiness and reward in your work,

Watch my FREE webinar now!

In this eye-opening hour-long program, you'll learn powerful concepts that will change how you see yourself, and how you approach building a happier, more successful career.

From her 12 years as a career success coach for women, as well as her work as a marriage and family therapist, writer and researcher, Kathy shares the most essential strategies and information on:


How to know yourself more intimately so you have greater CHOICE in your life


What your dominant action style is, and how to leverage it confidently


What your natural talents are versus skills you don't like to use


How to identify the best next direction from all the possible choices


How the way you relate to people, money and power can make or break your success


How to earn more money doing work that is rewarding, purposeful and impactful


And how to start being of service TODAY in new ways that open exciting doors 

See what 12,000+ other professional women around the world have learned through coaching and training with Kathy in the past 12 years that has helped them transform their careers to work they love.

About the Presenter: 

Kathy Caprino, M.A. is a an internationally-recognized career and personal success coach, writer, speaker and leadership trainer dedicated to the advancement of women in business. Focused on helping women live, work and lead bravely, Kathy is a former corporate Vice President, trained marriage and family therapist, seasoned coach and the author of Breakdown, Breakthrough. Kathy is also the Founder of Ellia Communications, Inc.– a leading career coaching and consulting firm – which offers the Amazing Career Project online course helping women build successful, rewarding careers, and the Amazing Career Certification training for new coaches. 

Kathy is a leading contributor on Forbes, Thrive Global and LinkedIn, a TEDx and keynote speaker, and top media source on careers, women at work, leadership, and personal growth, and has appeared in over 100 of the nation’s leading publications, and on national radio and TV. 

See her full bio here.

So, are you ready to experience significantly more happiness and reward in your work?

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