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Career Success Training Program

Join Kathy’s Success Training Teleclass program and build a happier, more successful professional life today!


Kathy has helped over 11,000 women propel forward with the expert guidance and support they need to create more happiness, success and reward in their lives and work.

Now it’s your turn!

With these twelve informative and educational one-hour teleclasses on the most critical ways to build your success, you’ll get the answers and advice on your most pressing questions.

Are you longing to:

  • Attract “right work” so you’re doing work you care about with people you respect?
  • Build your network with great supporters, friends and colleagues?
  • Power up your branding and communications?
  • Become an inspiring leader?
  • Make more money in the work you love?
  • Achieve more balance and happiness at home?
  • Make a bigger impact?

…but need expert guidance and instruction on how to do it?

This empowering and educational Career Success Training program offers you expert, tailored hands-on career and success coaching training, support, and input to help you create the highest level of success, happiness and reward in your career and life. Whether it’s a corporate career you wish to build, or an independent venture, or starting your own business, you’ll find the answers you’re looking for in this program.

In these twelve one-hour recorded teleclass presentations, Kathy offers guidance, strategies and tips on the key topics that her community, clients and followers ask about each and every day.  These are the same powerful strategies that Kathy teaches emerging women leaders at Fortune 100 companies, women’s conferences, entrepreneurial forums, and leadership events around the country. Each class includes a 15-minute Q&A section that features key questions that were asked by callers, along with Kathy’s hands-on answers and advice.

Here’s what folks are saying about the calls:

“Hi Kathy – I’m moving forward with my plan! Your call today got me refocused with your answers to the others’ questions and your personal insights and experiences, so thanks so much!!” — Christine A., Connecticut

Thanks so much for your success program! You really hit the nail on the head for me about what’s holding me back, and now I see a clearer way forward. Thank you for offering these!”  – Gail P., Florida

“Hey Kathy – I was on your coaching call and see how so much of your advice to others is highly applicable to my challenges. The two things that resonated most for me were how it is easy to get distracted when you are scared, and that it is important to get intensely clear about what you want and why you want it. Thank you!” – Beth M., NYC

(For more about Kathy’s insights on what creates success in our lives, see Successful People: The 8 Self-Limiting Behaviors They Avoid  and 9 Core Behaviors of People Who Positively Impact the World, on Forbes.)

For only $97, receive immediate online access to all 12 teleclasses and powerful training material that provides top-level career success training and information on the 12 most critical success topics for women.

Sign up today and receive access to all recorded classes and powerful training material you’ll need to build a happier career!

Teleclass #1: How to Know When It’s Time To Change Careers

When we’re stuck, unhappy and unfulfilled in our careers, we often don’t understand that we need a certain kind of change (different from our habitual actions and behaviors) to make things different and better in our lives. This class helps you identify when it’s truly time to change careers, and what to do about it. It covers:

  • What holds people back from careers they love
  • The 5 signs that you’re ready for career change
  • Envisioning what amazing success looks like for you, specifically
  • 5 Essential Steps to a career you love
  • The ONE bold step to take for your breakthrough today

Teleclass #2: Speaking and Communicating More Powerfully, With Greater Confidence and Self-Esteem

Powerful communication skills are essential today if you want to build a successful, rewarding career and continue to grow and advance. Many of us have never been taught the fundamentals of effective communication, or how to overcome the cultural training we’ve learned that holds us back from speaking and communicating with authority, influence, and confidence.

This class covers:

  • What is effective and ineffective communication?
  • The top 6 communication challenges women face today
  • How to tell if/when your communication needs improvement
  • 6 keys to powering up your communications
  • Building a breakthrough action plan to enhance your communication success

Teleclass #3: Exploring Launching Your Own Venture

Are you contemplating starting your own business or going an independent route? There are many critical factors to explore and understand in order to evaluate entrepreneurship as a direction that will satisfy you, and bring the financial and reward you need and want.

This class covers:

  • What is entrepreneurship?
  • The inner motivations for exploring entrepreneurship
  • The outer steps that create the most successful entrepreneurial endeavors
  • How women differ from men in viewing and running their new ventures
  • How to ensure you’re not running away from something, and what to do if you are
  • The top requirements for successfully evaluating a new venture

Teleclass #4: Reducing Stress and Embracing Wellness and Balance

Stress is a part of our everyday lives, but for many thousands of professionals, stress has become unmanageable, and affects their functioning, decision-making, relationships, careers and their well-being.

This class teaches you critical fundamentals about stress and how it affects you personally, and offers strategies for reducing and managing your stress effectively. It covers:

  • Defining stress and how it affects you
  • Warning signs of stress and emotional imbalance
  • Common responses to stress
  • 6 core stress management strategies
  • Defining the stressors in your life
  • Creating new solutions for reducing stress and embracing balance

Teleclass #5: Power Networking, Mentors, and Building a Strong Support Community

You simply cannot do what you long to do in your life or work without the help of others. If you’re an island — isolated and alone — you’ll fail to achieve the outcomes you long for.  You need to connect in mutually-supportive and rewarding ways with exciting people who can elevate, inspire, and support you, and can open doors that will catapult you to the next level. To achieve that, you need to become a power networker.

This class teaches you how, and explores:

  • Why you need others to support your success
  • Mentorship and sponsorship
  • How to build a power network and taking women with you
  • 7 requirements for true collaboration
  • 7 strategies for building a network that nourishes you
  • How to discern bad help from good
  • Your breakthrough steps to building a powerful support community

Teleclass #6: Parenting for Success – Fostering Self-Confidence, Self-Reliance and Leadership Capability in Your Children

The phenomenal popularity of the Forbes post on 7 Crippling Parenting Behaviors That Keep Children from Growing Into Leaders (6.1+ million views!), featuring the great leadership insights of Dr. Tim Elmore, illustrates parents’ deep need to learn new ways to support, parent, and mentor their children to help them become all they long to in the world.

This class draws on Dr. Elmore’s work, and my training and work as a marriage and family therapist, and covers:

  • Developmental needs and styles of parenting
  • 7 limiting parenting behaviors that keep children from growing into leaders
  • Importance of boundaries and healthy parenting
  • Stressors and outcomes
  • Benefits of empathic parenting
  • Healthy family dynamics
  • Building resilience in our children

Teleclass #7:  Fit Is It – Determining the Best Next Professional Direction That Aligns With Your Passions and Talents

Over the past ten years, I’ve heard from thousands of professionals who’ve asked, “Kathy, how do I figure out what direction to take next? I’m afraid I’ll make a mistake.”

To address this question, and help you identify the most compelling and best direction to pursue next, this class explores:

  • The most misunderstood issues in building successful career
  • The biggest mistakes career changers make
  • Why quitting your job before bettering your situation is a disastrous move
  • Why you need more than passion for a happy career
  • The 8 essentials to changing directions successfully
  • The 5 key steps to accurately determining the best next direction for you
  • The ONE thing you need to do starting today if you want to build great, new career

Teleclass #8: Becoming an Inspiring Leader and Manager

For many (if not most) professionals today, just doing a good job isn’t enough. They want to lead, inspire and elevate the people around them and drive new outcomes that move their organizations forward exponentially. Becoming an inspiring leader doesn’t just happen – there are critical steps to take and core principles to be mastered if you want to engender trust, loyalty and support, build a positive culture, and lead with empowering authority and influence.

This class explores:

  • Inspiring leadership defined
  • Challenges to great leadership
  • 6 key steps to building leadership skill and vision
  • Assessing your leadership growth potential and focus
  • Developing a plan for growing your leadership strength

Teleclass #9: Earning More Financial and Emotional Reward Doing Work You Love

There are countless people today who want not only to identify their truest passion and fuel their work with it, but also earn more financial and emotional reward in their careers.

This class helps you learn the critical skills and information to help you see what’s in the way of your earning more money doing work you love. It covers:

  • What’s in the way of making more money
  • Challenges to loving your work
  • Do you know what you want more of?
  • Assessing your blocks to greater success and reward
  • 7 critical steps to building more emotional and financial reward

Teleclass #10: Building a Compelling Resume and Professional Story that Presents You at Your Best

So much of my coaching and training work with professionals centers around helping you think more positively about yourself and your accomplishments, communicate powerfully about your professional contributions, and craft a cohesive and compelling story that shares with the world the amazing things you’ve done.  This is an essential skill if you want to move forward in your job and career.

This class presents key topics on how present yourself in the best possible light, and covers:

  • The worst resume blunders to avoid
  • How to tell a compelling story about yourself (even when there are gaps and bumps in your trajectory)
  • What’s in the way of your identifying and honoring your talents and gifts
  • The importance of building a powerful support community
  • How to get a great mentor and sponsor (and how not to)!
  • The power of LinkedIn (don’t waste it)
  • How to get out there and tell your story

Teleclass #11:  Becoming Your Own Best Marketer – Putting Yourself Forward In the World In the Most Compelling Way

We weren’t born knowing how to put ourselves forward, and share our unique talents and abilities in the world.  In fact, for many women, we were culturally trained NOT to speak highly of ourselves, and shine the light on our accomplishments.  Learning how to embrace and love marketing, and share your messages and passions with the world takes skill, practice and know-how.  This class teaches you how to:

  • Get clear – about your passions, talents and skills
  • Get writing – use your writing to propel you forward
  • Get speaking – learn how to monetize your content as a speaker and workshop leader
  • Get collaborating – find great new ambassadors and partners who can enrich your work and help you spread the word
  • Get envisioning – learn how to build a vision for your business and your career, and create a SMART plan to achieve it.

Teleclass #12: Why You’re Not Charging Enough For Your Work, and How To Change That 

(See Kathy’s recent Forbes post – Why You’re Not Charging Enough For Your Work for more info)

I speak with business owners, consultants, coaches, private practitioners and more every single day who offer great products, services, and programs that are a cut above, but they are failing to make any money.  There are numerous critical factors behind a failure to generate sufficient revenue, but it’s usually not what we think.  Often, our subconscious blocks and mindsets are holding us back.

In this class, you’ll learn about:

  • The top 4 excuses people make for not charging what they deserve
  • How to recognize — and overcome — the underlying causes of undervaluing your work
  • Gaining more confidence in what you deliver
  • Determining and measuring the key deliverables you offer
  • Understanding the other drivers to people buying your services beside pricing
  • Getting more clear about the financials of your business
  • Reaching a bigger audience
  • Building a strong brand that supports your work

If you struggle with charging and earning enough in your business, you won’t want to miss this class!

For only $97 (a small fraction of Kathy’s private coaching fees), you’ll receive:

– 12,  one-hour training and coaching audio recordings (including Q&A sessions) that present Kathy’s training and coaching advice and recommendations

– PDFs of associated training material that accompanies each recording

– Special discounts to Kathy’s private coaching programs and events

More Praise from Happy Clients:

“I signed up for your teleclass program and just did “Speaking Up Powerfully” via the pdfs (will follow up with your audio) and found it clear, relevant, and applicable! The Takeaways page helped me create an action plan I’ll use immediately. Thank you so much for this very helpful material!” — Nicole F.

Dear Kathy, I downloaded your Career Path Self-Assessment tonight and took advantage of your one-hour webcast – this is absolutely the tool kit I’ve been searching for! Like you, I have something burning inside me that is saying, “There is more for you, you can give so much more, only if you can figure out what is next.” I am excited to work through this journey. Thank you again for your fantastic work!”  – Laura P., Wisconsin



$97 for the full 12-part series!


(As a registrant, you’ll immediately receive access to the 12 audios and PDF slides of important training material for each teleclass.)

Get help to “crush your fears,” identify the new paths you’re ready to take, and get moving on them!

The ultimate outcome of working with Kathy is greater success and reward at work, more happiness and connection at home, and greater impact in your community and your world.


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