Build Your Confidence, Self-Esteem and Boundaries - and Overcome Imposter Syndrome - Coaching Program with Kathy Caprino - Kathy Caprino
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Build Your Confidence, Self-Esteem and Boundaries – and Overcome Imposter Syndrome – Coaching Program with Kathy Caprino



6-Session Private, 1:1 Coaching Program with Kathy Caprino to Help You Close Your Power Gaps, Rise and Thrive


Are you struggling with a lack of confidence, less-than-healthy boundaries and “imposter syndrome” at work? You’re not alone. A staggering 75% of executive women report having imposter syndrome and 98% of professional women are facing what my research has revealed are the 7 most damaging power gaps that keep us from reaching our happiest and highest goals.

This transformative private, 1:1 coaching program is designed expressly for professional women of all levels globally who wish to address and close these power gaps, build their confidence and strengthen their self-trust and self-esteem to live the lives they dream to.

Drawing on Kathy’s new book — The Most Powerful You: 7 Bravery-Boosting Paths to Career Bliss (HarperCollins Leadership and Murdoch Books, July 2020) – this power-growth framework has been honed and developed through Kathy’s 16 years of coaching, consulting and leadership training with professionals across 26 countries and 6 continents – and through her work as a senior Forbes contributor, media source and speaker.

Based on her experience as a senior executive in the corporate arena and her years as a marriage and family therapist and career & leadership coach — Kathy’s Power Boost framework and model for change helps professional women around the world access more strength, influence, authority and impact so they can reach their highest potential and make the positive difference they long to.

In this private coaching program, Kathy explores what she has found to be the 7 most prevalent power gaps women face, where they came from, and offers specific strategies, solutions and tips for closing those gaps once and for all.

These 7 power gaps are:

#1: Not Recognizing Your Special Talents, Abilities and Accomplishments

#2: Communicating from Fear Not strength

#3: Reluctance to Ask for What You Deserve

#4: Isolating from Influential Support

#5: Acquiescing Instead of Saying STOP! to Mistreatment

#6: Losing Sight of Your Thrilling Dream for the Future

#7: Allowing Past Trauma or Pain to Define You

In Kathy’s latest survey, 98% of those studied are facing at least one of these power gaps, and over 75% are experiencing 3 or more gaps at the same time. Here’s more:


The “antidote” or answer to these 7 power gaps are The 7 Brave Pathways to Career Bliss:









Why do we need to embark on the 7 Brave Pathways?

If you truly want more success, happiness, reward, fulfillment and impact as an individual, leader, or manager and in your personal life, these pathways are essential to help you experience:

  • Increased support for your ideas and visions

  • Greater impact and better business results 

  • Stronger self-mastery

  • Healthier self-confidence

  • Enhanced communication and executive presence 

  • More satisfying and productive relationships

  • Stronger boundaries

  • Increased leadership strength and authority

  • Greater self-trust, self-esteem and self-acceptance 

  • Happier, more rewarding and meaningful life and work that achieves (and exceeds) your heart- and value-aligned goals


Isn’t it time we all became the bravest, most impactful, effective and purpose-filled professionals we can be? So we can:


In meaningful, rewarding work you love and are proud of


The respect, recognition and money you deserve


Your natural talents and gifts in easy ways that are in joyful service of others


Heart-connected, healthy work relationships with people you respect and admire


Toxic relationships and overcome the imposter syndrome and fears of vulnerability so you can be yourself, and connect and communicate more authentically


And elevate yourself in your work, and support others to rise

(For hands-on training of this content in a group/course format, visit Kathy’s LIVE training course The Most Powerful You.)

The Key results from working in this private, one-on-one coaching program with Kathy are:

  • Working through the key factors that have contributed to your developing these 7 power gaps
  • Understanding how these gaps are different for women vs. men and how they keep women from happier, more successful lives and careers
  • Learning the most effective strategies for building more confidence, positive power, stronger boundaries, more effective communication, healthier relationships and more rewarding ways to navigate through challenges – in your work and life.
  • Dealing more effectively with push-back and disrespect from people who aren’t treating you fairly
  • Communicating with authority while retaining your authentic style and approach — in your personal relationships and managing employees and other work relationships
  • Identifying what brings your life meaning and purpose and leveraging that purpose through your existing talents and abilities, to be in service of others and make the difference you long to

This professional and personal growth program guides clients through concrete approaches and strategies that help you close these 7 gaps, and finally build your confidence, positive power and authority to experience great success, happiness and impact in work and life.

In this program, Kathy draws on her 5-Step Success Model to help women grow, stretch and experience more confidence and success:

  1. Step Back – Gain much-need clarity on your special talents, skills, and passions, understand where you’ve been professionally, and where you’d like to go in the future. Learn what must change, and why
  2. Let Go – of the thinking, patterns and behaviors that are keeping you stuck, and heal and release them
  3. Say YES! – Understand what you truly want in your life and work, and the skills and endeavors you are great at and love to use (vs. skills you no longer care to focus on)
  4. Explore – Refine new options and directions from “sound-cool! ideas” vs. real-life directions that fit with your values, priorities, and needs
  5. Create It! – Develop a S.M.A.R.T. and doable timeline and action plan to research, determine, and achieve your new career goals

The ultimate outcome?

Breakthrough – pure and simple. Kathy can help you see and feel more clearly what is holding you back from greater reward, success and impact in your life and work. You’ll get on the path of “finding brave” and closing your power gaps so you can become one who truly loves what she does professionally, with greater confidence, skill, excitement, work-life balance, and financial reward. You’ll finally crack your internal power and success “code” and begin your breakthrough process right in the first session.

Build Your Confidence, Self-Esteem and Boundaries Coaching Program (6-session private coaching program)

Program Fee – $2,970 covering six, 45- minute online coaching sessions

Includes Kathy’s personalized feedback on your results of her proprietary career assessments and surveys (personality, dominant action style, power gaps, and career assessment, success readiness, and more).

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Receive the top-tier career and leadership coaching support you need and want today!

**Please note: Private coaching programs with Kathy are offered on a limited basis. For more information and to discuss working with Kathy, please review her Coaching application page and complete the form.

Payments and payment plans for coaching programs with Kathy are due on time as scheduled as a retainer to reserve a spot on Kathy’s private coaching roster. There are no refunds for this service and you are free to use your registered sessions for up to 6 months from the start of your program.

For shorter-term coaching support, check out Kathy’s “Jumpstart Your Career Success” program.


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