Raising Self-Confident and Self-Reliant Children - Kathy Caprino

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Raising Self-Confident and Self-Reliant Children

Throughout my training and years serving as a Marriage and Family Therapist working with families and children, I witnessed a very wide array of both functional and dysfunctional parenting behaviors. As a parent myself of now grown children, I’ve learned that all the love and best intentions in the world don’t protect you from parenting in ways that hold your children back from thriving, gaining independence, leading productive lives, and becoming powerful leaders of their own lives, in ways that help them reach their highest potential.

The phenomenal popularity of my Forbes interview on 7 Crippling Parenting Behaviors That Keep Children from Growing Into Leaders (7.2+ million views!), featuring the great parenting and leadership development insights of Dr. Tim Elmore, illustrates parents’ deep need today to learn new ways to support, parent, communicate, guide, and mentor their children to help them become all they long to in the world.

My new parenting program teaches vital parenting behaviors that will allow your children to experience the fullest degree possible of self-love, self-reliance and independence, to grow and mature successfully, relying on their own beliefs, values and ideas as their highest guide and authority.

Our work together focuses on how you can encourage your children to experience themselves as strong, confident and capable, so they can grow into healthy, happy, successful and empowered individuals and young adults, and lead joyful and rewarding lives.

My work with parents covers these critical topics:

  • Developmental needs of children and key styles of parenting
  • 7 limiting parenting behaviors that keep children from growing into leaders
  • Importance of boundaries, emotional regulation, and healthy relating
  • Stressors and outcomes
  • Benefits of empathic parenting
  • Healthy family and power dynamics
  • Building resilience in our children
  • Helping children become kinder, more compassionate and more loving

To learn more about 7 Damaging Ways Parents Keep Their Children From Growing Up, click the image below to listen to Kathy’s Finding Brave podcast episode:


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How Can We Parent To Help Our Children Thrive?

Join me in a four-session parenting coaching program that will take you through these critical steps:

Kathy’s 4 Key Steps to Parenting For Success


1. Understand and Strengthen Your Boundaries

To parent successfully, you need healthy, well-defined boundaries that allow you to connect lovingly with your child but avoid being enmeshed and overly-involved, hovering around them and rescuing them at every turn or projecting your own wounds and challenges onto them. Many people today haven’t learned what healthy boundaries look or feel like, often because of their own difficult childhoods. Learn how to shape your boundaries so that you — and all around you — can grow and thrive. This is the first step to learning how to parent successfully.

2. Communicate With Empathy

The groundbreaking work of Dr. Carl Rogers revealed that when we are empathic – capable of sitting in someone else’s shoes and truly feeling and understanding their experience of the world — and reflecting that respect and understanding in all our communication, the individuals we’re in relationship with can grow and thrive in ways that non-empathic communication will not allow. Learn how to communicate more effectively, lovingly and empathically, to help your children thrive.

3. Honor and Respect Who They Are

Too often, parents try to force their child to be someone they are not – and this wreaks havoc on a child’s self-worth, self-confidence and and self-esteem, and cripples their growth. Gain greater awareness of exactly how you’re attempting to shape your child, and why, and learn how your ideas for who they should be are impacting their development.

4. Create Healthy Parenting Goals To Pave The Way for Joy, Success and Well-Being

Finally, successful parenting doesn’t just happen – there are so many critical things we need to learn about raising self-confident, thriving children — and also about power, hierarchy, communication, healing, awareness, emotional regulation, etc. — that we were never taught in our own families or upbringings. Kathy helps you dimensionalize your key goals for your parenting, and get on the same page with your partner about these goals, which is essential.  Get help to analyze your own style and shift your approach to ensure that your method of parenting will, in fact, set the stage for the development of healthy, happy and self-confident children.

Join Kathy in her 4-session, private coaching program to enhance your parenting for greater success, happiness, and well-being for both you and your children.