Achieving Your Greatest Potential - Kathy Caprino

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Achieving Your Greatest Potential

7 Core Steps to Building a Highly Successful, Rewarding Career of Significance

This inspiring presentation shares the 7 core steps to igniting your fullest passion, power, and purpose in your life and work, and building a successful career you love.

Drawing on her coaching and training work with over 10,000 women around the world, her yearlong national research study and book Breakdown Breakthrough, and her writing and interviews for ForbesHuffington Post and AARP, Kathy walks you through her proven five-step model for bringing about lasting positive change and “knock-your-sock off” success in your career and professional life.

In this presentation, you’ll learn:

  1. What holds women back from building careers they love
  2. 6 essentials ingredients for a happy, rewarding career
  3. Key traits of professional women who view themselves as highly “successful”
  4. What constitutes amazing career success for you
  5. 7 Essential Steps to Achieving Your Greatest Potential
  6. Kathy’s proven 5-step model for creating greater happiness, success and reward
  7. A BOLD Action Plan for your personal and professional growth

As a successful career reinventer herself, Kathy knows what it takes to move from “breakdown” to true breakthrough in your career.  If you know you’re ready to step up to your highest potential, and live and work with greater passion, power, and purpose, you won’t want to miss this program.