Professional Affiliations - Kathy Caprino
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Professional Affiliations

Past and Present Affiliations:

      • President, Kathy Caprino, LLC (formerly Ellia Communications, Inc.), CT
      • Co-Founder, Living in Harmony LLC —The Center for Emotional Health, CT
      • Podcast Host – Finding Brave
      • Member, American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy
      • Member, Connecticut Association for Marriage and Family Therapy
      • Board Member and Membership Committee Chairperson, International Coach Federation-CT Chapter (2004-05)
      • Member, International Coach Federation
      • Facilitator, New York Disaster Counseling Coalition
      • Contributor, Women at Work Network
      • Facilitator, Women’s Business Development Council, CT
      • Contributing Expert, AARP
      • Contributor,
      • Contributor, Huffington Post
      • Contributor, Living Better 50+