FINDING BRAVE™ - Kathy Caprino

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5 Core Ways To Lead, Work and Motivate More Powerfully Today

“Only when we access the bravery and strength required to rise up, speak up and stand up for who we are and what we care about , can we experience the joy and impact we long for.” – Kathy Caprino

Today, so many professional women and emerging leaders have experienced deep challenge and struggle in the workplace, and they need a powerful shift — in how they see themselves, how they connect with others who can support them, and how they operate in the world to achieve their highest visions.

What we need to do today to achieve the success and purpose we long for is to get on the path to “finding brave” every single day.

In this program, Kathy Caprino, M.A. – dubbed “America’s Breakthrough Coach” for women — shares critical information culled from her 13 years of research and work with professional women, as well as her work as a Senior Contributor on Forbes, a top media expert on career issues, a former corporate VP, a marriage and family therapist, and career adviser.

Drawing on her in-depth qualitative and quantitative research, and career advising and teaching with over 13,000 women around the world, and her Amazing Career Project courses, Coach Certification training, and leadership development work, she shares the 5 critical steps that will lead professional women to bravely stand up for who they are, and honor their values, style and priorities more effectively, to achieve the leadership and professional visions they dream of. And she sheds light on what’s necessary in our cultures, families and organizational systems to foster courage and strength, and build braver and more flexible, diverse and innovative cultures.

Kathy shares powerful learning too as one who left her unhappy professional identity behind, and totally transformed her own life – forging a totally new path that allowed her to honor her unique passions, talents and values, and a build a thriving business around it.

The 5 essential Finding Brave steps Kathy shares in this program are:

Brave Sight
Brave Speak
Brave Connection
Brave Stretch
Brave Service

In this program, Kathy shares inspiring real-life stories and proven approaches, solutions and tips explore:

  • The critical role bravery plays in our personal and professional success and fulfillment
  • The five key blocks to working bravely and authentically
  • The 6 dominant action styles and how to recognize and honor your own (and why that’s critical)
  • The relationship between bravery and leadership, and how true connection paves the way for innovation, impact and advancement
  • The most common ways in which we avoid and suppress bravery and how these behaviors move us away from our happiest lives and career (and the root of that suppression)
  • Effective strategies for finding brave to honor your truest talents, passions, and values and leveraging those to make a significant positive impact in your work and in the world

Kathy also teaches important new ways to determine the best directions for you personally (including who and what you need to let go of) that will represent the most successful culmination of who you have been at your best, and who you long to become in this lifetime.

These 5 “finding brave” steps will change not only how you see yourself, but how you view the world around you, and your role in it.

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Additional Keynote/Workshop Topics:


In this keynote/workshop, we explore:

  • The role of bravery in leading, managing and inspiring others in powerful and positive ways towards common goals
  • How true bravery is often suppressed and misunderstood in standard leadership training today
  • Why intense bravery and commitment is needed to address the challenges of your organization in terms of equality, equity and fairness
  • The five most damaging blocks to bravery and how to overcome them
  • How our cultural beliefs suppress bravery and sabotage our authentic goal-setting and communication processes
  • The 6 dominant action styles and how to recognize and honor your own while embracing diversity of styles in your organization
  • How bravely leading your own life is an essential precursor to effective organizational leadership
  • Powerful strategies for accessing more bravery, authenticity and empowerment in your work as a leader and inspiring change agent


In this keynote/lecture, we explore:

  • The relationship between bravery and loving, nurturing and empowering our children
  • How and why parents suppress and discourage bravery in their kids
  • Why helping children see themselves as brave, competent and self-reliant is essential to their success
  • The 6 dominant action styles and how to help your child recognize and honor his/her own with appreciating and respecting others’ styles
  • How parents can transform challenging situations into opportunities for brave connection and growth
  • Effective strategies for helping children develop resilience, self-esteem, courage, independence, authenticity and empowerment

Kathy is happy to work with event organizers and conference planners to customize her talks for your audience.

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