Close Your Power Gaps - Kathy Caprino
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Close Your Power Gaps

7 Ways to ‘Power Up’ And Claim More Authority, Confidence and Impact In Your Work and Career

This transformative program is designed expressly for professional women who wish to address and close the 7 damaging power gaps that hold women back today from achieving their highest and most thrilling visions for their work and careers.

Drawing on Kathy’s power-growth framework that’s been developed over 13 years of coaching, consulting and leadership training with women — and based on her own experience as a senior executive in the corporate arena and her years as a marriage and family therapist — Kathy’s model for change helps audiences access more strength, influence and control over how they live, work and lead.

In this program, Kathy explores what she has found to be the 7 most prevalent power gaps women face, where they came from, and offers specific strategies, solutions and tips for closing those gaps once and for all.

These 7 power gaps are:


Key takeaways from this program are:

  • What are the societal and institutional factors that contribute to women experiencing these 7 gaps
  • How are these gaps different for women vs. men?
  • What are the most effective strategies for building more power and confidence in our work and our lives?
  • How do women address the push-back they receive when they are demonstrating true confidence and assertiveness?
  • How can we communicate with authority and power while retaining our authentic style and approach to managing employees and other work relationships as we wish to?
  • What is the ONE most important step we can take today to access more power and influence, and why is that step so essential to our success?
  • How can we build stronger relationships and support to help us reach our highest and best visions and goals?
  • Finally, how can we identify our true life purpose and leverage that purpose through our existing talents and abilities, to be in service of others and make the difference we long to?

This professional growth workshop guides participants through concrete approaches and strategies that will close these 7 gaps, and finally unlock the power, confidence and authority they need to build more success and influence in their work and their professional lives.

In this program, Kathy’s draws on her 5-Step Success Model to help women grow, stretch and experience more confidence and success:

  1. Step Back – Gain much-need clarity on your special talents, skills, and passions, understand where you’ve been professionally, and where you’d like to go in the future. Learn what must change, and why
  2. Let Go – of the thinking, patterns and behaviors that are keeping you stuck, and heal and release them
  3. Say YES! – Understand what you truly want in your work, and the skills and endeavors you are great at and love to use (vs. skills you no longer care to focus on)
  4. Explore – Refine new career options from “sound-cool! ideas” vs. real-life directions that fit with your values, priorities, and needs
  5. Create It! – Develop a S.M.A.R.T. and doable timeline and action plan to research, determine, and achieve your new career goals

The ultimate outcome?

This power-boosting program will help participants overcome what’s in the way of working and contributing with more power, control and authority, and experiencing themselves as the authors of your own life.

They’ll understand more clearly their own power challenges and experience new ways to unlock what’s been holding them back from achieving greater success, reward and recognition in work they enjoy. And they’ll begin this “power breakthrough” process directly in the session.

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