Private One-Hour Communication Success Consultation - Kathy Caprino

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Private One-Hour Communication Success Consultation

Ready to improve and strengthen your communication effectiveness and boost your career and leadership?

Join Kathy in her Communication Skills Growth Program!


Communication Strength








Are you struggling with:

  • Lacking the confidence, impact and authority you want and need in your work and role?
  • Feeling unable to communicate in the way you wish to, to experience better results?
  • Struggle to give (and receive) feedback in ways that motivate your teams and employees?
  • Needing to build stronger boundaries to be more effective in managing others?
  • Having difficulty managing your emotions effectively while communicating with others, especially during times of challenge and conflict?
  • Wanting more positive impact and influence as a leader and manager — in your work, community (and the world)?

This laser-focused 60-minute Zoom consultation with Kathy addresses your key communication needs, challenges and areas of growth, helping you experience more successful results in your work and leadership.

Working with Kathy, together you’ll assess what is in the way of more effective communication, and learn breakthrough strategies, solutions and tips for communicating at the highest level, sharing in inspiring ways what needs to be communicated while also supporting your teams and staff members to thrive and grow.

Why Kathy as your guide?

Based on Kathy’s 18 years of corporate experience, and her work as a marriage and family therapist, Senior Forbes contributor and coach, speaker and trainer of thousands of professional women, Kathy is a powerful communication guide.

She has a well-honed ability and proven process to see clearly what’s in your way of more success and communication strength, and helps you address those challenges rapidly and effectively.

In one short hour, you’ll get on the path to:

  1. Determining the best next actions to take to expand and strengthen your communication approach
  2. Exploring steps to help you gain more confidence in your words and messages, and in your managerial authority and impact
  3. Identifying the “right” next steps to build more confidence and self-assurance, to communicate from strength, not fear
  4. Gaining new support, partners and advocates to help you succeed
  5. Making the impact you want to in your workplace, community and the world
  6. Creating a S.M.A.R.T. action plan to move you forward fast and avoid costly missteps in your communication and leadership approach

In just one hour, Kathy will help you uncover — and move beyond — the current blocks in the way of more successful communication, and also key steps for overcoming the 7 damaging power gaps that negatively impact 98% of professional women today.

To get on a braver, more confident and powerful path right now, read Kathy’s latest book The Most Powerful You: 7 Bravery-Boosting Paths to Career Bliss, and take her 8-module video companion course The Most Powerful You.

If you’re interested in working with Kathy, please complete her Coaching application here, and she will get back to you asap with next steps and recommended follow-ups. Thank you!

**PLEASE NOTE: There are no refunds given on this service for any used or unused sessions, due to the high demand of Kathy’s programs and the proven outcomes.


Private 60-minute Communication Skills Growth Consultation (includes Kathy’s recommendations on your Career Path Self-Assessment survey, Power Gap Survey, and Dominant Action Style assessment): 

Upfront Payment (Saves 5%) – $850


2 monthly payments of $446.50  



For longer-term career coaching support, check out Kathy’s 3-session Jumpstart Your Career Success program or her 6-session Career & Leadership Breakthrough program.



What people are saying about working with Kathy:

Kathy is hands down the most uplifting and motivating source for career professionals who are considering a change or looking for greater fulfillment in their worklife. Kathy has been there, and she offers practical real life strategies to help lift your confidence and give you the boost you need to take that next step to happiness and satisfaction.” – Pamela Gentile

Kathy Caprino has helped me so much in my career! Thanks for give me courage to believe in myself NOW!” – – Silvia Silva

“Kathy has a very unique style which motivates me to take action, actually really do the work not just read about it, to pursue my dream career. She is able to articulate the process with clear and meaningful examples that resonate deeper than many other career and self-help coaches do. She truly believes that every woman has a life purpose, and can achieve it with the right tools, support, and hard work. Kathy’s material is for women of all ages who want real information, real solutions and permanent change.” – Patricia Farr

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