Praise for Kathy's Work - Kathy Caprino
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Praise for Kathy’s Work

Here’s what people are saying:

“Hi Kathy, Thank you so much for reaching out, I have been meaning to email you to tell you how you have helped me!

I continue to listen to the audio-files that I purchased from you a few months ago as well as your Facebook live videos during my 30-35 minute commute to work each morning. By the time I reach work, I am inspired and ready to do what I need to do to advance my career. As a speech-pathologist for the past 30 years, I have always enjoyed my job and have felt as if I was contributing every single day, however over time, the repetitive nature of the job, as well as working in this particular hospital for 14 years without a raise or a promotion have begun to wear thin. I began to pitch some new ideas that I had about a brain-health program to my (male) boss. I’m a pretty harsh self-critic but even I felt that these ideas were innovative, creative and responsive to an unmet need in the community. Every time I pitched a new idea to him, I felt as if he was yessing me to death, just to get me to stop and leave his office. I began to lose hope and started looking for another job, but all of the posted jobs were all similar to what I was already doing and would not have changed my situation. The job that I really wanted to do does not yet exist and I had the ability and the drive to create it in the hospital where I already worked.

That’s when I purchased your audio files and began listening to you every morning.

Shortly after I started doing this, my boss’s boss (who happens to be a women), left some brain-health information on my desk. I drafted an email letter to her to thank her for thinking of me and that’s when I heard your voice in my head. I found the courage to step out of my comfort zone and I decided to add information about my ideas at the end of the thank-you letter that I was writing. Later that day, she sent me a meeting planner where I could pitch my ideas to her and several other VPs from the hospital. Soon after that, I was invited to write a proposal and to present the ideas for my new program to the president and CEO of the hospital as well as to everyone else in the C suite. Feedback was fabulous and the CEO of the hospital announced that although this is currently a growing program, he wants me to grow it into a full Brain-Health Center!!! I couldn’t believe my ears!

So I wanted to thank you so much for all of the valuable information that you provide on Facebook Live as well as for the information that I was able to purchase from you. It was money well-spent!”

– Marilyn Abrahamson, MA,CCC-SLP, Speech-Language Pathologist & Brain Health Educator


“Thank you so much for all that you shared during our call and for this follow up summary of fantastic action steps for me.  I am sure that my participation in your program is a new defining moment in my life!!!  I truly want you to know that everything I am hearing and learning through your materials and your personal interactions with the calls and posts is touching my life in such a deep and transformative way.  Really, words cannot express at this point how tuned in I feel to receiving guidance and encouragement from the wisdom and practical advice that you are sharing. I’m excited about clarifying my vision and heading down a new path that is wonderfully well-suited to who I am!

Thank you for sharing who you are, your experiences and life-lessons, and finding a way to make that available to women like me.  You are an inspiration to me.”
– Julia L., Amazing Career Project Member Spring 2015


“Thank YOU Kathy!!! I just had to write this email quickly because I have this sudden feeling of being powerful and undaunted.  I don’t know what is going to happen, but I’m ready to push harder than I have been.  Don’t want to be a “victim” anymore.  In this moment, right now, working with you is the most valuable thing I’ve ever done in my career.  (Stay tuned for blog posts, speaking engagements, etc.! )” – D. Mitchell


Kathy is hands down the most uplifting and motivating source for career professionals who are considering a change or looking for greater fullfilment in their worklife. Kathy has been there, and she offers practical real life strategies to help lift your confidence and give you the boost you need to take that next step to happiness and satisfaction.” – Pamela Gentile


Kathy Caprino has helped me so much in my career! Thanks for give me courage to believe in myself NOW!”  – Silvia Silva


Kathy has a very unique style which motivates me to take action, actually really do the work not just read about it, to pursue my dream career. She is able to articulate the process with clear and meaningful examples that resonate deeper than many other career and self-help coaches do. She truly believes that every woman has a life purpose, and can achieve it with the right tools, support, and hard work. Kathy’s material is for women of all ages who want real information, real solutions and permanent change.” – Patricia Farr


“Now I understand what Kathy means when she talks about having a “breakthrough” moment. I had one on our very first session! This is the best investment I have EVER made in myself!” – Sanjana Manek


“I find Kathy’s work to be truly inspiring and all-encompassing for women. She advocates for so much more than career development; she is passionate about making OTHERS passionate, not just in a career, but in life.” – Amelia Furbush


Kathy’s great career strategies and articles makes me think of what I do for a living in a different light and prompted me to go back to school and get my MBA!” – Mary Price


Kathy Caprino is the BEST out there! She is SMART, WITTY, PRESENT, INFORMATIVE AND my GO-TO website for sure.” – Andrea Goeglein, PhD


I find Kathy’s work to be truly inspiring and all-encompassing for women. She advocates for so much more than career development; she is passionate about making OTHERS passionate, not just in a career, but in life. Her work embodies the idea that living your truth is what CREATES success, fulfillment and happiness. She single-handedly shatters the old myth that doing what you love means being broke and they are contributions like hers that are going to help women entrepreneurs redefine the word ‘work!'” – Amelia Walker


Kathy offers great motivation for women embarking on all sorts of ventures along the journey of life….no matter what circumstance I may be facing from career to family, I find some type of inspiration from her site. I shared her “Time to Shine” video with all of my friends because the sincerity of the context lent a hand in helping me make a life changing decision for the betterment of my well being. Kudos to Kathy Caprino for sharing her gift with the world!– Rhonda Sherrod


I would highly recommend Kathy Caprino! Kathy offers solid information and plans for achieving greater success in your life and work. If anyone has ever longed to be happier in their career or wishes they could have a more fulfilling job, she offers great information and easy to follow plans.”– Judy Keator


Kathy is an excellent resource for all people (men and women) looking to make a career change. She has inspired me to change my outlook on looking for a new job.– Caroline Sloan


I want to thank Kathy for this course — I’ve made significant steps toward creating my new work which I can’t imagine I would have been able to do in this amount of time without the support of the Amazing Career Project!– M. Lattimer


Kathy offers practical career advice for women at every phase of their lives.” – Kalli


Kathy has been a great source for me as a woman facing everyday challenges in my job and in my life. Her website and blogs really help you get a better understanding of yourself and what you truly want to do with your life. She offers a great career path self-assessment survey that has really helped me in trying to figure out where and what I want to do with my life, and how to obtain those goals and dreams that most think will never happen for us.” – Ashley


Kathy is a wonderful resource for women (and not really just women) looking for advice on how to start doing what you love as well as general work/life balance advice. Kathy shares great insights!” – Nancy Marston


Kathy offers great, real-world, actionable advice for career-minded women who want a full, balanced life.– BG Francella


I love Kathy’s style, insights and advice. The fact that she speaks/writes from the heart and (past) experience in a most accessible and recognizable manner, makes her blog inspirational, stimulating and at times comforting.– Katleen Lambregs


Kathy does a fabulous job of providing timely, creative advice to women about finding new careers and getting re-energized in their current pursuits.– Grace Dobson


Kathy’s blog is fabulous, covering everything from employment to self image to father-daughter issues. Always informative and creative, often with an angle I didn’t consider. Very provocative!” – Jim Bond


I find Kathy’s material very encouraging and helpful, with lots of practical and down to earth advice for women to thrive and pursue the careers of their dreams. It not only helps with careers, but also with personal development of women. Lots of free material and tele-classes, so very open for women of all walks of life.”
– Aline Saraiva Okello


I’ve grown very fond of Kathy Caprino’s material. I really appreciate her no-nonsense approach to finding your dream career, and she gives us hope that even at 40, it’s not too late to you find what truly makes you happy and fulfilled.” – Chi I-M.


Kathy’s perspective is a breath of fresh air in the corporate working world. Her ‘been-there-done-that’ approach offers a unique, powerful, and positive perspective and how-to in looking toward the future instead of back at the past. Over the last year her blogs and free weekly video webcasts have given me (and I’m sure so many other working women) the reassurance that it’s ok to be our authentic selves in a world which intentionally or unintentionally makes generic the many and multi-faceted roles we, as women, serve.”  – Becky Jensen


I just found Kathy Caprino’s material this year and feel stronger, smarter and more positive each time I read a new piece. I am fortunate to run my own business at a relatively young age, but with it comes regular questions about whether I’m doing it right. Kathy’s website is like a daily dose of support from your best and favorite mentor! And she covers all aspects of your career and life and how to find just the right balance between the two!” – Shannon Astle


With the objective of helping women reach their highest potential and shine, Kathy offers and shares her wisdom, her practical and highly effective tools, and her experience. I believe she does it really well. She has made a difference in my life during these exciting, yet challenging, times of personal transformation. Thank you!” – Iva


Kathy Caprino has great resources that provides inspiration and motivation to women. She uses her experiences from corporate life to empower women to be authentic, proud and continue to shine. I find her articles to be very motivating! Keep up the great work Kathy, I enjoy your contributions!” – Michele Chittick


Kathy offers positive, inspirational messages helping women focus on their talents and desires — and to look inward as we question if we are doing what we love — what we are meant to do – and in an environment where we make a difference.” – Cindy Buckridge


I’m so empowered by Kathy! She produces regular, reliable, relateable content with topics ranging from “Why There Are So Few Women on Fortune’s ’40 Under 40′ List,” to “It’s Time For You To Shine and Make The Impact You Long To,” and everything in between. It’s no wonder women love her!” – Cheryl Hunter


Kathy’s comprehensive, updated and inspiring materials are truly valuable resources for women needing to overcome crisis today at work, business and personal life. Kathy provides talks, programs, conference calls and videos that aim to help women break through and find their true passion. I highly recommend her free career path self-assessment survey.” – Maria Pilar Cucalon


Kathy Caprino speaks from the heart. She has shared her personal journey, and through her experiences you feel she truly wants to help others. She gives lots of tips, especially with her video blog series. It’s like having a smart friend who will kindly urge you to look in the mirror to help you help yourself be confident and successful. Her sincere way makes you feel as though you’ve known her for years – impressive in our internet world!” – Mary Anne Hjelmfelt


Kathy Caprino is a lady that is passionate about women’s success, both professionally and personally. Her constant encouragement and advice on how to bring out the best in women in a male-dominated world is amazing. She shares her personal experience which resonates with what women go through in a professional world. She has made such a big difference in my life!”  – Beatrice Thuku


“I enjoy the way Kathy brings out the inner me who is now able to shine!– Monalisa Titus


Kathy empowers the average woman to think bigger, better and way outside the box. She teaches us how to take charge of our lives and careers, she gives us the tools, and she also teaches us about self accountability.– MK Kellogg


Kathy promotes a positive message for those seeking more fulfilling lives. She has had experience in a multitude of realms and offers career counseling and coaching for women. She helps women follow their passion, even in these difficult economic times. Her writing is a pleasure to read, very well written.”
– Barbara Plante


I love Kathy Caprino’s relatable, relevant and tangible advice to women who are seeking change in their careers. It is because of Kathy’s services that I had the courage to start working on changing my career to the one I love. Thanks Kathy!” – Josey Borman


Kathy’s assistance is so valuable to women who want to discover their own career path with passion and purpose. I realized that I did not really know what I loved about life until I completed her Career Path and Trajectory Assessment.” – Cindy Martin


“Kathy Caprino is the real deal. You’ll love her mind and her heart. What she offers to career women is data driven, yet practical in its application. I have enjoyed reading what she writes and applying what she recommends. I encourage you to take advantage of this course and live the life you were meant to live.” – Dr. Tim Elmore, President of Growing Leaders


“Figuring out how to get the most out of your career is no easy task. Amidst feelings of uncertainty, fear, or simply a desire for more, there is no better guide than Kathy. Through her Amazing Career Project course she gives you practical tools to help you create the life you’ve dreamed of living–and achieve happiness and success like never before!”– Michelle Gielan


“Kathy Caprino knows her stuff. She’s a leading thinker on women and success, and a trusted guide through the process of taking control of your career and getting what you want. Her advice and insights will help you reach the next level.”– Dorie Clark, Author of Stand Out and Reinventing You, and former presidential campaign spokeswoman


“When I learned of your coaching program, I was living in Shanghai and really struggling with my career. At the time, it sounded like a near impossible endeavor, but thanks to your coaching I am now attending the University of Notre Dame law school working toward my dream career! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You really gave me the push I needed to believe that I had the power to take the reins and change the trajectory of my career and my life. I frequently find myself thinking back to our conversations and drawing strength from the guidance you gave me. I can’t thank you enough for helping me get the confidence to take the first step on this journey. It’s been an incredible ride!”– Nina

To learn more about working with Kathy either privately or in a group format, visit Kathy’s Coaching Services, Speaking Programs, and The Amazing Career Project. Or write to Jenifer De La Garza at for more information.