Media Relations Mastery - Kathy Caprino

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Media Relations Mastery

Media Relations Mastery:

5 Essential Steps to Generating Top Publicity Exposure and Making The Most Of It

A hands-on, media relations training/coaching workshop for those wanting to achieve top-level media exposure

Friday, November 15, 2013
Stamford, CT
1:00 to 3:30  pm (with Q&A following)

Price: $60.00

Presented by:

J. M. Henderson – Forbes Leadership contributor, founder of Secret Agent Research and award-winning blogger


Kathy Caprino, M.A. – Forbes Leadership contributor, national women’s career and leadership coach, speaker, and author of Breakdown, Breakthrough


Designed exclusively for PR agencies, small businesses, startups, authors, coaches, entrepreneurs and others wishing to expand their reach and brand through media coverage, this program helps you:

  • Understand the critical steps to connect successfully with top media
  • Discover what’s been keeping you from landing successful interviews
  • Gain clarity on the “right” way to approach the media
  • Receive tips and strategies for delivering compelling material that will generate buzz

Have you:
– Spent time and energy crafting what you think is the perfect press release only to hear radio silence when you send it to media contacts?
– Watched your competitors and others in your industry land the type of coverage you could only dream about?

Do you:
– Know in your gut that the right story in the right publication is a missing piece of your success puzzle?
– Believe passionately that you have a great story to tell, but haven’t found the words or audience yet?

This unique Media Relations Mastery workshop provides participants with the expert tools, strategies and knowledge to successfully develop and pitch stories and story angles that capture the media’s interest. The workshop will teach participants how to interact professionally with journalists and reporters on their own behalf or on behalf of their clients, effectively use media exposure as a platform to grow their brands, and provide them with the confidence to bridge that gap between the people who make news and the ones who report it.

Attendees of this workshop will learn how to:

  • Better understand yourself, your clients and your audience
  • Identify and articulate the most newsworthy aspects of your work
  • Determine the key features specific editors and journalists are looking for in a good story
  • Uncover the questions reporters and writers ask themselves when evaluating your pitches
  • Create a pitch that will capture media attention
  • Deliver a fabulous, standout interview

Important Questions Kathy and J.M. will answer:

  • What do I need to do first, to begin successfully connecting to the media?
  • How do I identify the right outlet and the right journalist to approach?
  • How specifically do I develop a story so it gets noticed and picked up?
  • Once I get the interview, how do I rock it?
  • What are the worst media blunders and how do I avoid them?
  • What do I need to understand about my brand to generate the media buzz I desire?

…and much more.

In short, if you want to land great press and expand your client’s (or your own) reach, audience, and customer base, you won’t want to miss this workshop!

FORMAT: 2.5 hour live coaching/training workshop
DATE: Friday, November 15th, 2013
TIME: 1:00 to 3:30 pm
Stamford Innovation Center
175 Atlantic Street
Stamford, CT
Workshop Fee – $60.00
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About the trainers:

J. M. Henderson

J. M. Henderson is the founder of her own content marketing and media relations training firm, Secret Agent Research, as well as a business journalist for Forbes and an award-winning blogger. Her clients come from fields as diverse as law, government, UX design and emerging tech and her work has appeared in venues such as The Atlantic, NPR and Salon. J. M. is frequently called upon to provide perspective as a media expert in the areas of Millennial culture and marketing.

In her professional career to date, J. M. has:

  •  Spearheaded communications for an international healthcare conference, securing tv, print and digital coverage
  • Negotiated multi-million dollar contracts in the energy sector and managed media, government and client relations on behalf of an industry-leading international firm
  • Created custom content marketing strategies for not-for-profit, government and corporate clients to help them build long-term relationships with their customers and stakeholders
  • Taught professional communications and negotiations to hundreds of young professionals
  • Commanded a monthly audience of tens of thousands of readers as Forbes’ resident expert on all facets of Millennial life
  • Reviewed more press releases and media pitches than she can count and mined them all for best practices



Kathy Caprino, M.A. – Founder of Ellia Communications and the Amazing Career Project and author of Breakdown, Breakthrough – brings to her clients 18 years of senior corporate marketing experience in direct marketing, market research, product development and product management.  She also brings expertise gained through her success as an acclaimed author, nationally-recognized women’s career and executive success coach and consultant, leadership developer, speaker, and contributor for Forbes Leadership, Huffington Post and AARP Life Reimagined for Work.  A CT winner of the 2008 “Micro to Millions” award from the Make Mine a Million Dollar Business Program of Count Me In, Kathy knows what it takes to bring a small business to the national forefront.

In her long-time marketing career, Kathy has helped:

  • Fading businesses revitalize – turning them around to achieve millions of dollars in new revenue and clients
  • Small businesses launch profitable new products and services — in their core niche and new business areas
  • Consultants plan and implement new marketing strategies — that generate profitable and aligned new members, customers, partners, and clients
  • Authors, coaches, and writers develop successful workshops and seminars — to expand their platform and generate more money
  • Professional women understand their true value and purpose — to market themselves more powerfully and align their career with their purpose

Kathy is also a top media source on women’s career topics and trends, and has appeared in over 100 leading newspapers and magazines and on national TV.

JOIN KATHY AND J.M. for an eye-opening and enlivening event that will change how you think about media! 

Price: $60.00
Register Now

For more information, write to or call 203-834-9933.

And check out Kathy’s and J. Maureen’s recent Forbes posts on Media issues: How NOT To Blow Your Big Media Interview and This Is What Happened When I Personally Replied To Every Press Release I Received For A Week.