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Improve, Refocus, and Reinvent Your Career So You Can Profitably and Powerfully Do What You Love, with People You Love

6-week Group Breakthrough Coaching tele-program for women
Led by Kathy Caprino, M.A. – nationally-recognized women’s career and life coach, author of Breakdown, Breakthrough

“In just a few short months, Kathy helped me figure out exactly what wasn’t working in my corporate career, address and resolve the issues, and refocus on a new career in the same company! I’m so much happier, more fulfilling, and connected to what I do now, and see a bright future ahead that I’m truly excited about. Thank you, Kathy!!” – H. W. – Connecticut

“Kathy is simply brilliant as a career coach! At a critical time in my career, when I needed a 10,000 ft view, Kathy was brilliant! She helped me navigate the transition out of a 13-year career at a corporation into my own business… It was successful and 100% on target! She is one of best!!” D. Singer – Massachusetts

  • Do you wake up each morning dreading going to work, wishing it felt more like “you?”
  • Have you been laid off recently and know it’s time for a change but don’t know to what?
  • Do you feel unappreciated by and disconnected from the people you work with?
  • Do you have money fears that keep you from making the job changes you want?
  • Do you want a career that means more to you than a paycheck?
  • Do you long for a new career that you’ll love, using talents you enjoy?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, join Kathy’s new Career Change Success 6-week group coaching tele-program starting in June!

Get ready for an exciting new career and an effective, step-by-step group coaching program to achieve it!

Kathy works with private clients nationally and internationally, drawing on her high-level corporate success, psychotherapeutic training, her groundbreaking work in career reinvention with hundreds of women each year, her book for women Breakdown, Breakthrough and her new national research on Women Succeeding Abundantly.

This powerful and effective program draws on Kathy’s proven six-step model for jumpstarting change in your career so it aligns with who you really are, and brings abundant fulfillment and success along with it.

This private program will guide you through concrete, specific approaches and strategies that will unlock your power, confidence and ability to make a career change.

Kathy’s 6-Step Career-Success Model:

  • 1) Step Back – Ascertain exactly what isn’t working in your professional life, and what must change, and why
  • 2) Let Go – Uncover and release the key challenges and “breakdown myths” in the way of achieving the career your dream of
  • 3) Say YES! – Understand what you truly want in your work, and the skills and endeavors you are great at and love to use (vs. skills you no long care to focus on)
  • 4) Explore – Refine your career options from “sound-great! ideas” vs. real-life directions that fit with your values, priorities, and needs
  • 5) Refine – Determine the two most promising new career paths to explore
  • 6) Create It! – Develop a S.M.A.R.T. and doable timeline and action plan to research, determine, and achieve your new career path

You’ll also learn vital information for improving your professional life including:

  • How to increase the flow of the six key energy forms in life – money, time, physical vitality, enjoyment, creativity and support
  • The 12 “hidden” crises working women face today, and how to overcome them
  • The top five reasons many women hate their jobs and what to do about it
  • New ways to release your fears and blocks about receiving abundant success in your life
  • Strengthening your work and family relationships to receive more support during times of transition
  • And finally, how to heal your money relationship so you can achieve the personal and professional success you long for.

The ultimate outcome?

This program will help you on your way to becoming one of the fortunate women who truly loves what you do professionally, and makes great money doing it, with people you respect and admire. You’ll finally crack your internal success “code” – the secret of what’s been holding you back from the joy, success, and fulfillment in your career you so richly deserve. And you’ll begin your breakthrough process right in the first session!

For every woman who wants a true career breakthrough to achieve “knock your socks off” success, fulfillment and joy, this transformational group coaching program will give you a clear roadmap to achieve the career of your dreams with far greater ease, speed, and success than you could achieve on your own.

Why NOW?

If you truly want career change, there’s no time like now. In this special group program, you’ll receive the empowering community and support you need to make significant career change – at an affordable price.

Why are Kathy’s group coaching programs powerful vehicles for career change?

  • Saves money – The group format gives you access to Kathy’s top career coaching support, but saves you a total of $500 off her private one-on-one coaching fee for six sessions.
  • Community Support – Offers support and input from both the facilitator and the other like-minded, empowered, and enlivening group members
  • Increased accountability – The group dynamic encourages accountability – you’ll move faster and more effectively when others help you stay accountable
  • Your network grows – when you become part of a support community, your network and community expands exponentially
  • You are helped and help others – not only do you receive help, but you can share your great expertise and know-how with others, which feels great!

So don’t wait! Get on the path to reinventing your career today – finally, do what you love with people you love!

And as your special gift, you’ll receive:

  • A signed copy of Kathy’s book for women, Breakdown, Breakthrough
  • Be one of first 10 registrants, and receive a special bonus!
    Sign up today, and you’ll receive Kathy’s brand new Breakdown Breakthrough Audio CD Companion – with powerful meditations, visualizations and exercises — and beautiful meditative music — that support the book’s breakthrough process chapter-by-chapter!

Look at All You Get!

  • 6 weeks of virtual coaching
    • Taking you step by step through my 6 step model
  • Free signed copy of book (for first 10 participants)
  • Recordings of all the calls so you can refer to them anytime you want
  • PDF Handouts, exercises, and worksheets so you can reinvent your career
  • Accountability and community support

Registration Info for June 2010 Program

Fee: $397 for six-week program

Location: your telephone

Dates: 6-week, weekly group phone sessions

Two Tracks to Choose From

Track 1:

Six THURSDAY evenings, from 7pm to 8:30 pm EST:
June 24, July 1, July 8, 15, 29, Aug 5

Don’t Delay!

Track 2:

Six FRIDAYS, Noon to 1:30 pm EST:
June 25, July 2, 9, 16, 30, Aug 6

Don’t Delay!

Still have a question? Don’t hesitate to call Kathy at 203-834-9933 or write to for more information.

About Kathy Caprino – America’s Breakthrough Coach for Women

Kathy Caprino, M.A., is a nationally-recognized women’s work-life expert, career and life coach, speaker, and author of Breakdown, Breakthrough: The Professional Woman’s Guide to Claiming a Life of Passion, Power, and Purpose).

Founder/President of Ellia Communications, Inc. – a career and work-life coaching company dedicated to helping women achieve breakthrough to create live and work as they truly want it, Caprino is a trained psychotherapist, seasoned career coach, and sought-after writer and speaker on women’s issues. She helps hundreds of women each year reinvent and refocus their careers to achieve abundant success and reclaim their passion, power, and purpose in the process. Kathy is a popular blogger on women’s career topics and trends, and as a top media source, she has appeared in more than 100 leading newspapers and magazines and on national radio and television. Her current national research study focuses on Women Succeeding Abundantly, and explores the key actions, beliefs, and choices made by women of all ages who are creating tremendous success and fulfillment in their lives and careers, thriving and living joyfully on their own terms.

What people are saying about Kathy’s career coaching:

“Kathy is exceptional at assessing individual needs. Always supportive, she provides just the right guidance and encouragement to overcome obstacles and/or challenges. The result is a tailored road map that is realistic and applicable.” January 16, 2009Laurie Howlett, Former Vice President Marketing , Fortune/Fortune Small Business Group, Founder of Lambdoodle, Inc.
“Kathy is one of the warmest, brightest and most powerful business partners I’ve ever had the privilege of working with. She is always my voice of reason when I am flying to the moon with an idea, helping me ground it into something actionable and productive, while helping me identify and overcome my own blocks and resistance. It’s good to have someone of Kathy’s caliber on my side to act as a sounding board and strategist.”Mike Jaffe, Principal, Jaffe Life Design, CT
“Kathy is a gifted coach and speaker, and her book, Breakdown, Breakthrough, clearly establishes her as an expert in helping people bring passion to their work. Kathy will help any company develop more effective workers and any individual find deeper purpose in their work and lives.”Noah Blumenthal, President , Leading Principles, Inc.
“Kathy is insightful and sensitive. As a coach, she understands how to support you and get you thinking. She has a very relatable background coming from industry and then pursuing social work. She has a way of teaching you to understand complex personal issues that may be getting in the way of your advancement. I highly recommend her for personal coaching and for group work.”Cindy Armijo – Executive Director, Boys Town
“Kathy has been instrumental in launching my private practice. She was able to sit down with me a few times and give me concrete ways to market myself. She also was wonderful in providing quick feedback regarding my marketing materials. She is professional, personable and an incredible coach.”Janneta Bohlander, Marriage and Family Therapist, CT
“I personally benefited greatly from Kathy’s on-target counseling abilities and her compassionate, effective recommendations for a career path. To know Kathy is to be uplifted, to work with Kathy is to be enriched.”Karl Nelson, World Vision, Seattle, WA