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I follow slews of fascinating people through their blogs and Tweets, and today I read a compelling blog post written by Scott Stratten who runs his company, Unmarketing.   I simply love what this guy has to say!  I find his ideas and posts so interesting, authentic, funny, insightful and just plain old great.

Here’s his latest blog about What If I Didn’t Use Twitter:

I was moved to write a comment on his post, which is here:

Scott – I love your description of what you’ve learned and received from Twitter.  My guess is that you’re the kind of person who gets enormous benefits out of anything you dive into.  But that being said, there’s something about the Twitter experience that helps you stretch into wild new territories that you’ve been deeply longing for, but didn’t even know it!  It’s so damn powerful – to connect with thousands of people, to use your voice in new ways, to put your one-of-a-kind ideas out there, to develop a tough-enough skin so that you can shrug off the occasional snarkiness of others, and to feel the love and support of one-time strangers who become dear friends.  Love your work, Scott!

When people ask me “Do I really need to use Twitter,” I have so much to say about it that I don’t know where to begin.  So I’ll begin here…

Who Gets the Most Out of Twitter? 

People who:

1) Have something of interest to say

2) Don’t care to just blather on about the everyday minutiae of their lives (most people’s lives are boring – let’s face it!)

3) Enjoy giving as much as they do receiving

4) Have a generous, kind spirit and can support others’ thinking and work

5) Understand that using Twitter effectively is about building relationships and is not a “get rich quick” scam

6) Get the fact that what you put into something directly correlates with what you get out of it

7) Don’t use it as a way of talking about how great they are, and how they can make you rich

8 ) Do use it as a way to become better, bigger, smarter, funnier, more helpful  – more of who you really are at your core

So, if you’re wondering what you can get out of using Twitter, I’d say this:

With an attitude of openness, curiosity, commitment, and generosity, you can get:

–  New friends

–  New ideas for books, writing, projects, seminars, talks, etc.

–  New interests and passions

–  New customers and supporters

–  New ways to see yourself and your life and work

–  New coping skills for when strangers write you and say your ideas stink

–  New like-minded colleagues to partner with

–  New directions to pursue that light you up

–  New ways to make money

–  New, helpful insights about yourself – what you’re great at and what you’re not so great at

It occurred to me that what Twitter has brought us might have some parallels to when television first emerged on the scene –  it opens up a fascinating new avenue through which you can connect to a whole new world of ideas, feelings, perspectives, teachings, directions, along with passionate, inspiring people who have so much to share and give.  That is, if you’re selective about what you choose to focus on.

So have at it, friends!  And as Scott Stratten says, I LIVE for comments, so please leave yours.

2 thoughts on “What Twitter Really Can Do For Your Life”

  1. Thank-you Kathy! I’m glad you enjoyed my post.

    I love what you wrote, especially this:

    “Get the fact that what you put into something directly correlates with what you get out of it”

    You nailed it.

  2. Thanks, Scott! I appreciate your comments. Very cool of you to take the time to visit my blog. Best, K

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