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I’m a long-time student of the powerful messages of Esther and Jerry Hicks and Abraham.  I love their teachings because the concepts and insights about creating a joyous life ring very true to me and have been highly beneficial in my own life experience, and in helping me feel and create “good” in my life. 

 The fascinating thing is that the more I study the idea of deliberate creation – the art of consciously allowing yourself to be in alignment with your creative Source energy – the more layers there are to peel away to get to the heart of it and to make it a consistent practical reality in my life.

Here’s what I know to be true about the art of deliberate creation, based on my personal experience:

1) We are continually co-creating what’s in our lives, whether we are aware of it or not

2) There are areas in my life in which I am in the “flow” – that is, full of positive intention, power, and confidence and joyful expectation.  In these areas, what I’ve created is wonderful.

3) There are other areas in which I have been less than powerful, confident, sure, loving, and at ease.  In these areas, what I’ve created is far less than wonderful

4) Finally, when I actively and consistently shift myself to feel and think differently about the areas in which I’m scared, insecure, and negative, then outward events and experiences change for the better, and often rather quickly.

In my life, there have been things I’ve created that I’m utterly proud and joyful about.  When I think on these experiences, I realize that I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt all along that these would unfold to my highest expectation.  I had no reservations, no qualms, no fears.  My book, Breakdown, Breakthrough, for instance, is one life event that I was sure about.

I knew this book idea was a good one when I was researching it, and I knew without doubt that the concepts that emerged from my study were very important for women to hear, despite the fact that ten literary agents turned me down for the book.  I knew too that I was going to hold out for a fantastic publisher and editor, and have a beautiful collaborative relationship in birthing this book.  That’s exactly what happened, through my wonderful publisher Berrett-Koehler and superb editor, Johanna Vondeling (one of the industry’s best!).

But I’ve been less than sure about many, many other things in life and work, all around money and business typically, and those life areas show it.  For example, I’ve had a wacky relationship with money all my life.   Money either came in great abundance for me, but with a constant soul-felt struggle, or it didn’t come at all.  This wonky set of experiences (and some likely past-life stuff too) has impacted my beliefs negatively (actually, it’s the other way around, I now realize – my beliefs influenced my “reality”).  So I give concentrated effort now to shift my thinking and feeling around money and business.  And it’s working.

As I move forward in my research study Women Succeeding Abundantly, I’m noticing that the same is true for women in my study, whether they’re aware of it or not!  

Women who are abundantly wealthy have very empowered views and behaviors around money.  Women who have fantastic marriages and family relationships know in their hearts that they deserve their beautiful relationships and have focused on making these relationships a priority and a reality. 

It all amounts to the same thing – we are creating every second of our lives.  The key questions to ask yourself are, “Are you aware that you are a powerful creator, and do you like what you’re creating?  If not, do you know what to do about it?”

If not, it’s time to deliberately make an internal shift to allow your life to change for the better – and to believe in your ability to co-create what you truly long for most.

For more great information on the art of deliberate creation, check out:


Ask and It Is Given, by Esther and Jerry Hicks

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Take my “Deliberate Creation” test below: 

1) Think about one key life area (i.e. finances, health, relationships, career, intimacy, spirituality, fun, etc.) in which you’ve felt in the past very confident and powerful.  Now think about what you’ve created in that area.  Are you happy with it?  Do you feel good about what you created?

2) Now think about a life area in which you have not been confident or powerful in the past – an area that you’ve had insecurity and lack of clarity about since early adulthood.  Do you like what you’ve created in this area? 

3) Do you believe you are co-creating what’s happening in your life or that it’s happening to you?

I’d LOVE to hear your comments on this.  Are we co-creators or victims of fate and circumstance, and more importantly, are your views bringing joy to you and your life?  If not, do you know what to do about it?

Thanks for your insights!

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  1. It tells why we are here on earth, why we materialized ourselves. It tells the meaning of life and how we are supposed to live. It gives us the secret that is not a secret at all, just something we forgot it tells us how we can be happy and with that get and be everything we want!

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