Knowing Yourself, Support for Change, Tips for Empowerment Give Yourself Some Much Needed Love on Mother’s Day (and Every Day) Written by: Kathy Caprino

Happy Mother’s Day (for those who celebrate it)!

Mother’s Day for many is a time of honoring our mothers and grandmothers and other women in our lives, and showing appreciation for what they have done for and given to us. As a mother myself, I truly appreciate this day, for sure.

But I think it’s a fabulous time as well to appreciate how we have mothered our own lives — how we have nurtured, cared for and brought our own selves into being.

So often we focus on what isn’t going well, or how we are flawed as individuals and parents. I’ve seen that women rarely hug themselves and say “Job well done!” to themselves. We often agonize instead about all that we did not do perfectly – how we let our children down or disappointed someone. In fact, we live in a constant state of “perfectionistic overfunctioning” – and that constant, exhausting striving towards perfectionism leads us down a path of feeling we’re always less than we want to be.

When we do allow in a greater degree of self-appreciation and self-acceptance, on a daily basis, it can literally transform our lives.

Today, I’d love to support a new tradition, a new habit really, of being grateful for ourselves just as we are, flaws, foibles, and all.

Here’s an inner affirmation that I find helpful to say:

“I am a loving and nurturing mother to myself and others. I always do the best I can. I am aware of my gaps and dedicate myself to my continued growth. Even (and especially) when I fall down, I love and accept myself. And because of my growing self-love, I’m able to love and nurture others more as well.”

Don’t beat yourself up for what you aren’t. Let your light shine through – you ARE without a doubt very special, important and valuable in this world, just the way you are.  And the more you can love yourself, the better able you are to be a loving force in the lives of others.

The love you give others is in direct proportion to the love you have for yourself.

In honor of Mother’s Day, embrace your power to create positive change in the world and to be a beneficial role model – and a loving “mother” to yourself and your life by:

  • Committing to positive growth in your life, each day
  • Watching over your ideas and your endeavors with love and care
  • Protecting yourself and your visions from those who criticize and tear you down, and who would keep you smaller than you wish to be
  • Birthing your BIG dreams – launching yourself in juicy, exciting ways in the world
  • Nourishing yourself – nurturing your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being, and restoring when you need to
  • Showing compassion for yourself when things don’t go as you hoped
  • Unlocking more of the love you have inside of you (For more on how to do that, read the beautiful book Love From Heaven: Practicing Compassion for Yourself and Others, by Lorna Byrne.)

Today, take time to appreciate not only the women in your life who’ve nurtured your spirit and life, but also appreciate yourself. Show yourself the same amount of love and care that you long to spread to others.

Thank you for reading and sharing, and being part of my community. I appreciate you.

Happy Mother’s Day, with love.