Feeling Your Best, Inspiration for Change, Mother's Day, Support for Change Today, Let’s Love and Appreciate Not Only Our Moms, But Ourselves Written by: Kathy Caprino


Hello and Happy upcoming Mother’s Day (for those who celebrate it this weekend)!

Mother’s Day for many is a time of honoring and appreciating our mothers and what they have done for and given to us.

Offering a twist on this, I think it’s a fabulous time too to appreciate how we have mothered ourselves and lives; how we have nurtured, cared for and brought our own selves into being.

So often we focus on what isn’t going well, or how we are flawed as individuals and parents, and we rarely hug ourselves and say “Job well done!”  When we do allow in some praise, it’s usually because others have given us recognition for something outward we’ve done.

Today, I’d love us to support a new tradition of being grateful for ourselves just as we are, flaws, foibles, and all.

Here’s an inner affirmation that I find helpful to say:

“I am a loving and nurturing mother to myself and others. I always do the best I can. I am aware of my gaps and dedicate myself to my continued growth. I am growing in my love and acceptance of myself and others each day.”

Don’t beat yourself up for what you aren’t. Let your light shine through (it’s YOUR time to shine – check out this video for inspiration).

And don’t:

  • Think you’re not enough.
  • Question if you have anything important to offer the world.
  • Put everyone first and forget that you need love, support, care and gentleness too.
  • Forget that you need to “mother” yourself with as much unconditional kindness, love and patience as you can muster.

And finally – don’t forget that YOU ARE without a doubt so very special, important and valuable in this world.

So in honor of Mother’s Day, embrace your power to create positive change in the world – and lovingly “mother” yourself and your life by:

  • Committing to positive growth in your life, each day
  • Watching over your ideas and your endeavors with love and care
  • Protecting yourself and your visions from those who would keep you smaller than you wish to be
  • Birthing your BIG dreams – launching yourself in a bigger way into the world
  • Taking care of yourself – nurturing your physical and emotional well-being

Take today to honor not only your beloved mother and all those who have nurtured your spirit, soul and creative endeavors, but also yourself. Give yourself the same amount of love and care that you lavish on others.

And here’s a shout out to my beloved Mom, who at 91 is still amazingly positive, supportive and nurturing. Mom is the one who instilled me with indefatigable confidence – who always told me, “Kathy, you can do whatever you put your heart and mind to.”

Thank you so much, Mom!

Can you love yourself as your mother loves you-

And thank YOU for reading and sharing, and being part of my community. I’m so appreciative!

Happy Mother’s Day with love.

P.S. For inspiration to “mother” your own passions and dreams for a beautiful life, listen to our latest Best Work/Best Life episode this week featuring the amazing Pati Jinich. You’ll be inspired.