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Hi Friends – very happy to announce that my 52-week video blog on “My 52 Mistakes” launches today.  Here’s the video:

Kathy Caprino’s “My 52 Mistakes” Video Blog #1

I’d love to get this going and offer a large, open forum for the courageous discussion and exploration of the biggest mistakes we’ve made in our life and work today.  Why focus on mistakes?  Because when we can get real and tell the raw truth about the mistakes we’ve made and the vital lessons we’ve learned, we help ourselves and others heal, and we spread love, self-acceptance, and compassion throughout the world. 

Today, a woman from Canada wrote me that she read my 52 Mistakes article on, and in the end, she shared her belief that “unfortunately, you still sound like you’re coming from a self-focused world.” 

Interesting take…Well, I say this – let’s all be self-focused for a while in order to gain clarity, truth, and understanding, so that we can then turn our focus outward to others, to share our compassionate help and support with the world.

I’d be so grateful if you’d comment on the video here and spread it to all your friends and colleagues.  And let me know which mistakes of my full list of 52 Mistakes resonate with you most, and which you’d like to hear more about in the next video post coming next week. 

Thanks so much, my friends!  You’re awesome for sharing, and I love ya.

One thought on “My 52 Mistakes Video Blog Launches”

  1. I think your message is important right now – we do have to self-focus as we can really only change who we are and what we do, not who others are or what they do. So, I say go for it: SELF-FOCUS is the watchword and admitting our mistakes from a place of vulnerability only makes us stronger as we become willing to accept our humanity. Vulnerability doesn’t mean weak – it actually reflects strength!

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