Advice, Breakthroughs, Challenges, Featured, Following Your Dreams, Kathy Caprino, Living Real, Support for Change Suffering vs. Stretching – How to Tell the Difference (and Do More of the Latter) Written by: Kathy Caprino

May is Here!   I, for one, am thrilled! I’m truly ready to let go of the heavy, dark remnants of Winter, and stretch and play lightly with more ease, as summer approaches.

Yesterday, a dear friend of mine — fabulous life coach and Emmy-award-winning writer Susie Horgan — shared with me a core idea from Buddhist thinking that “suffering” is the continually craving to be where you are not.

Are We Suffering or Stretching?

When she said it, the idea struck me like a thunderbolt. I spend so much of my time endeavoring to stretch up to new realms, that I suffer more than I care to admit — with impatience, disappointment, confusion, exhaustion — all around the experience of “Why is this all going so slowly – are we in a retrograde, or something??”

If suffering is about a continual addiction to wanting what you don’t have, how is focusing on stretching and growing different from that?

Here are my thoughts:

1) Stretching carries with it excitement and anticipation. Suffering is heavy with resistance and regret.

2) Stretching looks forward; suffering looks backward.

3) Stretching acknowledges all you’ve done, and has you reaching for more. Suffering denounces you for the (seemingly) stupid mistakes you’ve made.

4) Stretching is life-giving and affirming; suffering keeps you in denial of your powers to create and evolve. 5) Stretching says “YES!” Suffering says “NO.”

OK, from today on, I’m choosing more stretching, less suffering.  How ’bout you?

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