Advice, Branding, Powerful Self-Marketing, Tips for Empowerment Getting Help to Build Your Business Written by: Kathy Caprino

In the past several years, I’ve coached a good number of other coaches, consultants, healing and wellness practitioners, and small business owners ways to build their community, develop a powerful speaking platform, get their books published and read, and launch successful programs.


I believe that as coaches, private practitioners, and small business owners, many of us were not fully equipped or prepared when we launched our businesses to do what it takes to build them profitably and successfully; instead, we had a “build it and they will come” mentality that didn’t generate results because it wasn’t aligned with powerful business-building strategies.


One key step that helps you build your community, attract great customers, and expand your marketing reach is to develop and deliver impactful seminars and workshops in your professional niche that educate and enliven your community, customers, and clients.


If you’re interested in developing seminars and workshops that really work – and sell – below are six key steps to launching them successfully.  These are essential actions that I’ve learned — the hard way — through my own years of development as a national women’s work-life expert and speaker:

1)       Identify the specific area(s) to focus on in creating your seminars

2)       Determine which programs you truly want to offer, versus those you think you “should”

3)      Build your community and audience through partnership, affiliation, and relationship

4)      Price your seminars so that you achieve a targeted audience and make money (and when to offer programs free)

5)      Title your seminars so they stand out and grab the customer

6)      Brand yourself and your business so that you are differentiated from the competition, and able to name and claim your “sweet spot” 


The key is to understand what truly holds you back from delivering successful programs and services, and move forward to overcoming these obstacles.


Entrepreneurs need straight talk and practical help to build your businesses successfully.  The Make Mine a Million Dollar Business programs and community give you just that – real, hands-on support to develop, and implement, effective strategies that work for you and your company.  Thanks M3! 


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Wishing you many happy breakthroughs,