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Part of Kathy Caprino’s series “Becoming The Most Powerful and Confident You”

In my work as a career and leadership coach, writer and executive trainer, I spend a great deal of time on LinkedIn. I review hundreds of profiles a month, including those of new clients, colleagues, podcast guests, speakers, journalists, thought leaders, authors, more. I also train my clients and course members how to communicate more powerfully and confidently both online and in person, and build stronger LinkedIn content that highlights the work you love and are proud of. Doing this well on LinkedIn opens amazing doors and opportunities for you that simply can’t and won’t be accessed otherwise.

This work allows me a window into “seeing” people’s real personalities, along with their fears, insecurities, challenges, and career blocks.

What I’ve learned is this – How you do LinkedIn is how you do your professional life and career.

And if you’re not careful or aware, your LinkedIn profile will share aspects of your professional life and current career and how you view yourself that you wouldn’t want others to know.

Below are five key things your LinkedIn profile reveals now that you’re probably not aware of (and will want to change).

1. You’re hiding

If you don’t have a photo up on your profile, or don’t have a headline that’s more than you’re current job, you’re hiding, plain and simple. LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with more than 900 million users in over 200 countries and regions. With that volume of activity, many users undoubtedly would be interested in what you stand for and care about in your work, and the amazing outcomes and accomplishments you’ve achieved, and what you have to offer the world. But without a photo on your profile, and without a powerful headline and summary, you’re saying “Don’t see me. Just pass me over. I’m not important or worthy enough for you to see my face or take notice of me.” Remember, you are more than this current job – much more. And the more your recognize that you are not defined only by your current role, the more you can expand beyond it.

Tip: This week, take a photo (or have someone take it of you) – face front, smiling – and upload it. Make it professional (no bathing suits, etc.). This is a professional platform, not a dating app. Also, upload a great cover image (a photo for the banner at the top of your page) that represents something that will tell us more about you, what you care about, and why we should care. Always keep in mind who you want to engage with,

And make sure your content is designed to connect with people you’ll be truly excited to talk to.

2. You’re not passionate about your work

It’s clear how you feel about your work by the words you use to explain it. If you choose words that are drab, boring, passive, unclear – without any indication of what lights you up from the inside – then the message is that you don’t like your work and are not engaged with it.

People who have a deep passion for their field and endeavors communicate that interest with a vitality and energy that speaks volumes about how much they’re connected to what they’re doing.

Tip: Go through your profile, and replace every single word that is boring, repetitive, overused, uninspired and cliché. Highlight the important outcomes you’ve generated, not just the skills you possess. Find a way to talk about what you do so that people can say “Wow! This individual loves what they do and is good at it!” (If you can’t do that no matter how hard you try, it’s indicative that you’re most likely in the wrong job, career, or organization.)

3. You don’t recognize your talents and value or what you’re great at

I can’t tell you how many professionals miss the boat in terms of failing to share exciting, juicy facts about who they are, what they’ve done and the “needles” they moved in their roles. The problem is so rampant that I’ve written an entire book on what I’ve seen are the 7 most damaging power and confidence gaps that negatively impact a staggering 98% of professional women and 90% of men, keeping them from reaching their most rewarding potential and goals. Power Gap #1 is “Not Recognizing Your Special Talents, Abilities and Accomplishments, and 63% of the professional women I’ve studied have this gap.

Here’s more about this power gap and how it hurts us:

You need to communicate on LinkedIn exactly what you do that brings about important outcomes that help organizations thrive or grow. And you need to communicate how you do what you do in ways that are different from how anyone else on the planet would do it.

(To learn more about this gap and the 6 other confidence and power challenges thousands of professionals are experience, download my free Power Gap Bundle and book chapter HERE.)

Tip: Spend this weekend sitting quietly without distractions, and write down everything that’s made you who you are (your ancestry, cultural training, achievements, traumas, pivotal moments, relationships that flattened you and those that enlivened you, your passions and talents, and unique perspectives, etc.) Then connect the dots. Answer the question “How has every one of these influences shaped me in a way that makes me a powerful, valuable contributor in the work I do?”

Write down the “20 facts of you” – what you’ve accomplished, achieved and made possible, and the scope of those achievements (with metrics that illustrate the impact) and why these outcomes mattered to the organization. Sharing these facts is not bragging. It’s helping people understand what you’re capable of and how that’s of use in the world.

For more on how to develop the 20 facts of you, check out my TEDx talk “Time to Brave Up:”

4. You’re seeking employment but don’t know how or where to look

When you write your headline with the words “Looking for opportunities” or “Seeking employment” you’re shooting yourself in the foot. You’re focused on what you’re lacking (a job) whereas your profile should be written to highlight what you have to offer. Write it with the express intent of engaging the reader. Your headline is the place for you to tell the world WHY they should hire you, HOW you’re unique and valuable, and WHAT is vitally important about your career trajectory and experience that others should take heed of because it will be useful for them. And make sure you are crystal clear about what you can do going forward, not just recite your past history.

 Tip: Never use your headline to talk about looking for opportunities. That’s a given. We’re all looking for exciting opportunities and new career adventures of some kind there. Use that precious real estate to share what you do, who you do it for, and the outcomes you’re passionate about bringing forward.

5. You’re not sure why your work matters

Finally, if you list only the tasks that you’ve performed, and not the “what happened” after these tasks were accomplished, you’re leaving us guessing about why your work matters. Make it clear that the work you do has an impact, and can continue to make a difference in other situations, opportunities and employers. You’re more than just your current job (please recognize that), but if you don’t share how you can apply your talents and abilities in ways that move organizations forward, the reader can’t envision exciting future possibilities for you.

Tip: Make sure that everything you write is not task-oriented, but benefit-focused. And share most about what you love doing, not the boring, mundane work you never want to do again. Every word you write has the power to attract to you much more of the same. So if 85% of your work makes you feel dead inside, then emphasize the 15% that makes you feel alive, important and valuable in the world.

Overall, LinkedIn and what it offers can dramatically change your career for the better — in terms of helping you connect with amazing people who will benefit you to know. And it’s uniquely positioned to help you leverage your special and unique talents and finally make greater use of those talents in ways that are thrilling and rewarding to you.

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