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Below is Episode 1 on “Should I Change My Career or My Attitude?” touching on the question of how to determine if what’s going on your career warrants significant change or just an adjustment in your mindset and attitude.



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2 thoughts on “Change Your Career or Change Your Attitude?”

  1. Agree with everything you said. I too took the leap after 19 years in a corporate job. See my blog at http://www.tosoglobal.com for more details on some of that journey which just began last year. My biggest challenge now is that there are so many good and important things to work on to which I feel connected. I’m actually a little overwhelmed with the possibilities sometimes and don’t want to fall back into the trap of following the money. Any thoughts on living in the space where you are following the passion but with a short term (hopefully) hit to personal financial intake?

  2. Thanks, Michelle. So glad to hear you took the leap and feel there are so many good things to work on. Kudos! My advice is to stick closely to what you love and can’t get enough of, and focus on monetizing that and building a successful business model that allows you to leverage what you love AND are great at. I’ve personally found that each time I pursued a new direction because I thought, “I need to do this because it will be more lucrative,” it’s a large mistake.

    That said, monetizing work that you love doesn’t just happen or fall in your lap. There are key steps you have to take to build financial reward doing great work. More on that in a future video! Hope that helps. Thanks for sharing!

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