Breakthroughs, Careers, Empowerment, Entrepreneurship, Kathy Caprino, Small Business, success, Women in Business, Women in Leadership Top 10 Things I Love About Running My Own Small Business Written by: Kathy Caprino

I saw a neat HARO (@helpareporter) query today asking for the top things folks love best about running their own small businesses.  It felt SO good to think about this question, and to bring again to my heart and mind my gratitude for what Ellia Communications allows for me in my life.

Here’s my Top Ten list of what I love about running a small business:

1)      Making a Difference: I can make a difference in a way that matters to me – I’m not constrained by others’ agendas

2)      Leadership: I can lead and manage following my own vision, priorities, values and standards of integrity – not someone else’s

3)      Creativity: I can create and deliver products and programs that are authentic, useful and need-based, and get them to market very quickly (no red tape)

4)      Authenticity: There are zero politics in my world now – I work only with people, partners and organizations that are aligned with my mission and purpose

5)      Control: I can say “NO” and “YES! “as I want and need to – I’m in control of my schedule, my endeavors, my professional life

6)      Management: I can hire and collaborate with exactly the folks I want to be in association with– there are no other parties to cater to in my decisions

7)      Freedom of Speech: I can speak freely (hallelujah!), use my own voice and share honest views and perspectives without worrying about repercussions

8)      Balance: I achieve much greater work-life balance because I set my own priorities, which include time with my family

9)      Clarity – I know who I am professionally and where I’m going, with much greater clarity and focus than I achieved when working for others or larger businesses

10)   Passion, Power, Purpose – My own small business allows me to embrace everything that matters to me, and furthers me on my path of helping others reclaim their passion, power, and purpose.

Yes, I’ve made some big mistakes and there have been deep challenges.  But I love Ellia Communications and am grateful for everything it makes possible for me.

What do you LOVE about running your small business?  Let’s hear it!